Roasted Zucchini and Garlic 

   1 lb zucchini, each cut in half across the middle, then each half    quartered lengthwise
        1 teaspoon fresh minced garlic cloves
         1 Tbsp olive oil
        1/2 tsp salt
         1/2 tsp Freshly ground black pepper
         1/2 tsp dried thyme


Preheat your oven to 450°F. Line a 9X13 baking dish with foil. Set aside. 

1. Spread the zucchini out onto the previously prepared baking dish. Next, combine in a small bowl the garlic, olive oil, salt, black pepper and dried thyme. Stir well. Pour the garlic mixture onto the zucchini and stir to coat. 

2. Roast zucchini in your preheated oven until it starts to brown, Roast the zucchini for eight- fifteen minutes, or until it begins to brown. (Start checking at about seven minutes and keep checking every few minutes.)

Source Simply recipes


Published by Court's Cooking Blog