This is a perfect outfit to wear to a summer barbecue, light, casual, and of course nautical.

I absolutely love these shorts by British Khaki with the adorable embroidered lobsters on them. This brand had so many beautiful nautical patterned shorts I have quite a few different pairs. Little unique pieces like this are great to add some new details to your summer wardrobe rather than just the usual floral pattern. Not only are they cute, but they’re comfortable!

I wore a slouchy white Joe Fresh sweater overtop for the cooler weather we’ll be getting into soon, and accessorized with a mint handbag and blue polarized sunnies. Another nautical aspect of this outfit is the sandal which almost looked scalloped with rope like sides.

We thought these stones would be cool to shoot with as a backdrop and ended up working so well with this outfit it almost looks like it’s at a dock. I think I’m going to style some more nautical looks in the future for different seasons and hopefully we’ll get out to some docks of a waterfront beach locations.

x N

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Published by Nicola Janda