Adventures light the soul on fire. The soul is put at ease. Although increased, breathing becomes much easier. Life becomes less stressful before returning to the monotonous routine of everyday life when you have some sort of adrenaline running through your veins from time to time. You may have seen the quote below before, it is not my favorite among the notable quotes seen on the internet these days but there is truth to it. 

You weren't born to just pay bills & die.

It is put rather bluntly, but it is accurate. A truth I was introduced to much later in life than I would have appreciated, but a truth I learned nonetheless. I am thankful for this discovery. 

This exact thought entered my mind involuntarily numerous times throughout my younger years. I now am realizing the importance of living my life to the fullest, as cliché as that may sound. I had suppressed the pessimistic thought as often as I could. But last night, I acted upon it and took a short little trip from my apartment.

 If you take the nearby main road outside of my complex turning left which will take you South, eventually you will run into an area that seems as if it should be much further than a 15 minute drive away. 

I had been one other time before with my cousin. I had never known just how close this place was to where I resided. As we drove through the area known as Red Rocks, I was floored. I could only imagine my reaction once I make it to the Grand Canyon. I know, I also find it rather humorous that a girl from AZ has never made it to one of the most remarkable sights you could ever possibly imagine. One day.

Driving down the scenic winding road that eventually led to a deserted small parking lot, my cousin and I made our way onto the red colored dirt still soft from yesterdays rainfall. There were trails, and there were no trails. We took the more risky route of a path not forged for hikers. As we made our way over a little hill not far from our parking area, I discovered a space that was covered with sizeable perfectly level rocks. They were calling our name to rest upon them. That is where we decided to lay down and take in the amazing sights. We didn’t get in much of a hike that day, just the serene view of mother natures creation. Although I loved this day, last night was different.

Shoot! I drove right past they area we had parked last time! I assured myself that the next spot would come into my view shortly as a place for my car to reside during the evening hike alone. I was running behind more than I intended. I was on a race against the sunset to make it to my destination, why oh why did I not leave sooner to get gas? The next available parking area appeared on my right hand side. Thankfully, it was empty and I prayed that the car behind me would not pull into the same area I had. Not that I don’t enjoy the company of others. I wanted this vast area to myself right now. I put on my headphones listening to peaceful songs of love, heartbreak and being “For the Road”. The song sang by Meiko came on with the shuffle feature as if I carefully hand selected it to come on next. The soundtrack made for the nights journey.

As I began walking across the deserted trail, before I knew it, I was running. Anyone that knows me knows that I DO NOT run. It is my least favorite form of cardio. The feeling that came over me at that moment is not one that can be put into words. I felt liberated. I slowed down to catch my breath for a moment and realized how much distance I had put between myself and my white SUV that has been compared more than once to a car that a soccer mom would drive. I continued on and found a small ledge. A ledge that would be perfect to sit and enjoy some of the scenery before darkness covers the evening sky. I strayed from the trail that had led me to where I was standing and headed towards the area I set my sights on.

I began jogging, jumping over the stones that blocked my path in order to gain more time to spend at my sacred overlook before my path was swallowed by the night time sky. I grew closer and closer until I made it to the end point. I turned off my music and shut the world out. I took in as much of the fresh air that my lungs could handle. The air is different out there. Pure. I found a rock that allowed me to sit cross-legged comfortably. I began to think to myself a sentence that I have come across often in the books I have been reading. I mantra if you will. Everything in this moment is exactly as it should be. And it was.

I have recently begun questioning what it is that brought me to Nevada. Yes, I had thought about it for some time and I made it happen. But why? I needed a new start, that was clear. Right in that very moment looking at the glorious structures in front of me, I felt at home. I closed my eyes, which led into a meditation. A practice that becomes easier with time. A necessity to maintain your sanity. I listened to the birds chirping and the wind whistling through the trees and shrubbery. Once I opened my eyes again, I had forgotten where I was. I was awestruck once again by the beauty that surrounded me. There are so many things on this Earth that are miraculous and often we are so ignorant to truly become part of it, familiarize yourself with the magnificence of it all. Tears began to roll down my cheeks as I struggled to maintain my breathing. I am a small part of a world that is beyond exquisite.

I sat, staring at the large rock in front of me. I was imagining being the tiny ant-like tree at the very top. How miraculous the view would be from there. Then I started imagining how small that tree is from where I was sitting. How small I would be should I be in its position. I am but one small spec on this Earth, yet what a lovelier place it would be should more human beings chose love over hate. Maybe it wouldn’t make a difference, but what if it did?

I hesitantly arose from my place of peace enjoying the view one last time before heading back to my vehicle. Now where was that path exactly? Turning on my music listening to the words of James Bay, I moved at a brisk pace trying to keep up with my feet. Bats had started flying overhead almost as if they enjoyed the senseless path they were taking. Enjoying the simple fact that they could fly. I envied them in that moment but continued my jog watching my car in the distance. It’s not that far, you can do it. I made it to the last final stretch allowing myself to slow down and cool off before traveling back home. Again, I turned around to take in the beauty, proud of myself for the physical feat of running I had performed. I snapped one last mental image before driving away. I told myself have to take advantage of my young, single years to do things like this more often. To really discover who I am without anyone else. There is no other word to explain what I had experienced. It is magic.

Published by Nichole L