What is a role model? Is it just a parent providing guidance? Is it a celebrity leading a good example? Is it just a friend providing support? A role model is someone who guides a person, leads an example to be imitated. Everyone has their own  role models but what happens if you don't have a role model? or even a bad role model?

I have never really thought about who my role model is, I guess it changes throughout your life. I remember my first role model was Lindsey Lohan because she was ginger, charismatic and confident like myself, I felt I could really relate to her I admired her in most of her films, tried to dress and act like her. She isn't my role model anymore for obvious reasons! Now, I have no real idea of who my role model is, I think it is a mixture of people, my mother for being so independent and motivated, my dad because he is hard working, my brother because he is care free and loves his life. Without a doubt my other role model in my life is my boyfriend, he is all of the above, he is extremely supportive and caring. He has plans for the future and is striving for them, he is my role model because he sets a good example for me, he is leading me down a path to a fruitful future.

What about those who do not have a role model, is it important? I guess role models are important as it helps guide and shape behaviour allowing people to explore themselves and find who they really are. Without a role model I think we can all feel a little bit lost, without a leading example. Then again I would rather have no role model than a bad one, in this society I do believe that some celebrities do not lead good examples and almost promote nudity, drug use and alcohol. This must have a negative effect on children and adolescent behaviour, to me I think it has with sexting and nude pics being sent from a very young age is on the rise. Surely this is due to what we see on TV in music videos and films? I am not saying this is the only influence as it could also come from family and friends or others within the community. Bad role models could be those who are abusive, bullies almost, this example they set for others produces more abusive individuals as they become normalised to this behaviour, they think it is acceptable, this needs to be stamped out, more positive role models need to be available for the younger generation.

Anyone can be a role model just by leading a good example, people will notice and aim to imitate your behaviour, so feel inspired to make a difference and when you walk out the door just think, someone may see you as a role model, so set a good example.

Published by Katy-Jane Pitt