The match in round of last sixteen between Real Madrid and Paris Saint Germain was staged yesterday where Real Madrid beat PSG at Santiago Bernabeu. Though, Real ruled out from the Spanish Cup and in the race of La Liga title, they are now far behind but in the competition of Champions League, they have returned with their famous looks. Through the scores of Cristiano Ronaldo, at the first leg in round of last sixteen, the team of Zidane beat PSG finally.

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The match between PSG top flight and current La Liga champion was high voltage. In Wednesday night at Santiago Bernabeu, the current champion of UCL Real beat PSG by 3 - 1 goals. The rest goal was scored by Brazilian star Marcelo. But however, PSG went ahead of the fist time of the match and also they took the lead. The first goal for PSG was made by Rabiot.

However, Real Madrid vs PSG live Stream  match started diplomatically where Real madrid also got the first real chance. Just outside from the box the shot of Kroos was stopped by the PSG goalkeeper Areola. In 26th minutes of the game, Cristiano Ronaldo took a shot from outside from the box which did not find net but went outside from the crossbar. Just after two minutes, this player once failed who scored nine goals by playing six matches in the group stage. This time the PSG stopper was the savior. Marcelo passed the ball from the left side into the box to Ronaldo and he took the certain shot but it hitted the stopper's mouth.

In 33rd minutes of the match, PSG went ahead by the opposite way. From the left side French forward Mbappe made a cross which was backhill by the Neymar. So, the ball went to the French Rabiot and he touched it to the net. Just after five minutes the guest team got another chance to increase the difference. Neymar went to the box with the ball and pass it to Uruguayan Edinson Cavani and he took shot but Casemiro stopped it anyway..

In 43rd minutes of the match, the shot of Benzema was stopped by Areola once again. But few minutes later, he could not stop the spot kick of Ronaldo. One of PSG's player Lo Celso stopped Kroos and so, referee gave a spotkick to Real. With the penalty Ronaldo made his 100th goal in the history of Champions League. Excluding him, no player did score 100th goals with one club in the history of UCL. So, first half finished with 1 - 1 goal.

In 83rd minutes of the game, Ronaldo once again took ahead of his team Real Madrid. He scored his 2nd goals with the help of Marco Asensio. In the season of UCL, Ronaldo scored highest 11 goals so far. Just three minutes later, Marcelo secured the game completely. He played amazing in the full match and finally got his reward.


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