The term “root canal” is generally used to denote the natural cavity that is formed in the middle of the tooth. It is the treatment done when a tooth is decayed or infected. It is basically repairing a tooth and saving it. It is the process where the infected nerves and the pulp are removed and then sealed after applying some medicine in that area.

Reason Behind A Root Canal Treatment

At times, the nerve tissues of a tooth or its pulp get damaged, making room for bacteria to increase in number within the chamber of the pulp. The bacteria are actually the source of decaying of the tooth. If a root canal treatment does not take place, then this will further lead to a puss-filled area that forms at the root of the tooth. This is so dangerous that it may further lead to the following problems –

  1. Swelling can occur and it can even spread to the other parts of the mouth or face, even on the neck or head.
  2. Loss of bone that surrounds the tip of the root.
  3. If a root canal treatment is done, then it can lead to problems with respect to drainage. A hole can occur on the side of the tooth for the drainage to take place or it can also occur near the cheek and affect the skin

Benefits of Root Canal Treatment

The improvisation of technology has invented something known as root canal treatment. It is believed and is also true that this treatment is less painful as compared to the one where a natural tooth is extracted. People who have got it done are happy with it as it causes   less pain as compared to the ones who have got their tooth extracted. After the treatment of the root canal, the tooth is covered with a ceramic cap or crown which further works like any other normal tooth.

The following are some of the benefits of the treatment of the root canal: -

  • A Virtual Pain-Less Process: It is very true that the recovery period of a root canal treatment is more comfortable and causes less pain than the one with an extraction. The development of technology and anaesthesia, combined together, help the patient to face less pain and discomfort.
  • Cost Effective: A root canal treatment will consume less time as compared to the extraction of a tooth. It is less expensive and you can even get an insurance plan for the treatment which is not applied in case of tooth extraction.
  • Better Result: The ceramic cap or crown which is used to cover the tooth which has gone through root canal treatment plays its role as a natural tooth does. It looks good as well and you can enjoy an added advantage, that is, you cannot differentiate it from your natural tooth. This will surely brighten up your smile which will be very normal looking.
  • Saves Your Natural Tooth: The treatment of root canal helps you to save your natural tooth. It is always a great feeling to have and preserve anything that is natural. So, this way you can save your tooth along with it functioning naturally.

It is very important to make a good research on the treatment of the root canal before you avail it for yourself. This way you can also come across all the misconceptions and can prove people wrong with a treatment which is free of pain and is more comfortable. Contact an endodontist to know better and visit him or her and have a healthy set of teeth.



Published by Jack Louis