Hello Lovelies! Beauties On Fire is taking a small break this week but don’t worry! We’re coming back on the 17th!

I haven’t done a beauty post in a while so I wanted to get one done anyway. I was inspired by my watch actually.






I knew since the rest of this year is all about holidays I wanted to do a holiday occasion look. But I didn’t want to go dark because I had this beautiful pink sweater (Walmart purchase). So I chose a rose gold look and I’m very happy with the results if I may say so myself.


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I personally hate when I go to tutorials for “this brand name shadow palette” and then in the video they only use one color from said palette and the rest of the look depends on multiple palettes that are way too expensive. Don’t you hate it? I used one shadow palette to achieve this look and I love that because it saves time and money.

This look is perfect for pretty much any get together these coming weeks if its holiday related! Christmas party with friends? Yes. Dinner party with significant other and their family? Yes. Thanksgiving? Yes. Christmas? Absolutely!

I personally am going to re-create this look for Christmas with my family. It’s just too cute.


Start with your primer. Make sure your face is clean and moisturized already.

Next is brows. At least this is what I do. It’s easier for me to get the brows done and over with and I don’t forget them after putting the concealer on. I use a simple eye liner pencil which is a medium brown color for my brows because I haven’t yet found an actual brow pencil I’m happy with.


Next I like to do my pre-conceal. The pre-conceal isn’t necessary if you don’t want it but it’s a habit of mine I actually am trying to break out. I use this little angled brush to outline my brows with the concealer then blend that out with my finger. For my pre-conceal(around my eyes) I used to use my finger but I like using a beauty blender to blend it out now. This is what I use to prime my eyes for my shadow.

Next I usually complete my eyes but I wanted to get the full face done first. You can choose to finish your eyes first before putting your foundation on if you please. However, I did add some HD finishing powder by ELF to set the concealer on my eye lids.

I use both these foundations because it fits my skin tone pretty darn perfectly. One without the other is either too light or too dark. I used a different beauty blender to blend out the foundation and then did my last highlighting with my concealer, using the black blender to blend it out again.

Now. This next part, well it’s not a necessity by any means but I honestly was just experimenting with my skills to see if I have improved with contouring yet. I think my skills have improved but I just don’t have the right contour. You’ll see why.

See the issue? The contour looks like highlight. I am definitely not going with this brand again. However, because I didn’t want to redo my entire process so far, so I stuck with it and warmed it up(darkened it) with some brown eyeshadow from the Morphe35w palette.

After this I set my concealer with my HD setting powder to let it bake. Then I got started on the eyes (my favorite part).



I used six colors in total but don’t panic. It was easy to do and if I could pull it off, you can.

I started with my crease color, the rosey colors.

I forgot to take pictures of the next step but you’ll see the end result. These next two colors I used at once (blended them on the brush before applying on my eye. I did the same for all the “sets” of colors by the way) and applied to the outer corner of my eye.

Next is the actual rose gold color I was going for. Again, I blended them on the brush before applying to the lid of my eye. The bottom pictures of the lighter colors (with the silver brush) went on my brow bone and the inner corner of my eye.

This is the result:


Isn’t it pretty? I love it.

Now onto the finishing touches.


I tried two different looks before just combining the lip looks into one. This is the trial and error (though I don’t really think either of these are bad. I say they still fit the look perfectly).


One dramatic look, one simple look. Both beautiful. But! This isn’t the finished product.

Bringing the lips together, I outlined my lips with the Kleancolor Deep Purple and then filled in with the lighter Wet’n’Wild 505a to give an ombre effect.


I added my blush and bronzer, sprayed with watersetting spray and there is the finished look!

I had so much fun creating this look and I hope you enjoyed it and that you try it as well. What are some of your favorite holiday looks? Have you done tutorials or looks that you shared?


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Thank you so much for reading! Until next time,


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