I never thought i would be reading a book like this honestly!

A few weeks ago i had watched Rose and Rosie's youtube video about them talking about there new book overshare, like many other Youtubers lately bringing out books i was skeptiucal and thought oh here we go again another book for money by a branded married couple of youtubers.

So i was unsure if i wanted to purcahse another book from youtubers having already bought Love Tanya and was given her christmas book as a present and also a fond reader of Louise Pentland's Robin Wylde series i question if i wanted to spend the money, next thing i know i made the purchase on amazon and it was pre orderd.

Now am I glad I bought it?

Today it arrived, still a little skeptical i can say i appreciate the fact i bought it, Rose and Rosie comical on theire youtube lives, openly and honest about there thoughts in the LGBT community and completely honest about there own lives and experiences.

Rose and Rosie not only open up to there struggles and thoughts within being who they are as Lesbian and Bi-sexual includ\ng how they came out amonsgt there family and friends but they also open intto details that you dont see on a 15-20minutes weekly upload of there lives, they bring out the vulnerable beautiful and honest raw personalities in this book, I love it.

Being a Christian myself but openly and honest about being Bi-sexual even though i havent dated the same sex gender for a good few years now and thats my own choice along with my walk and belief, this book has also made me reflect honestly about moments of my own self doubt and worth and who i was being bisexual and the questions I had forgotten about.

Rose and Rosie have many twist and turns in this book but beyond all i believe it is a beautiful hard worked filled book, this book is worth the time to read and to consider. Go in with an open mind even if your not ion the LGBT world, go in with an open mind and a cup of tea and sit and read these chapters back to back or day by day you cannot be disappointed.

I am truely thankful that i made the decision to buy this book, having been reading it all day, this is the top list of my honest thoughts about "Overshare" by Rose and Rosie and i am glad I can give this a huge loving, I was worried for a moment that it was just another "youtube book"

Thank you for reading this wonderful post and honest review on Overshare. Stay tuned for Sunday/Monday as something exciting and a new review is on the way.

Please find Rose and Rosie's book here on Amazon and there Twitter's linked below.


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