Rottnest Island home to the Quokkas lies just 19km off the coast of Perth, Western Australia.

The islands name came from a Dutch explorer William de Vlamingh who visited the island in 1696 and mistook the islands unusual marsupial for a common rat.

A short ferry ride from Freemantle(locally) know as Freeo, Perth or Hillary's Boat Harbour.....who do the best ice cream ever...

Once there on this beautiful island.

You can take a guided walking tour. Hire bikes or snorkel gear.

Take trainride to view the maze of tunnels beneath WW11 gun emplacement on Oliver Hill.

Although the island is only 11km wide and 4.5km across it is very hilly and steep hills so bear that in mind when deciding how you are going to navigate around.

For sailing enthusiasts, swimmers or Triathalon fans there is an annual sailing Beneteau Regatta held in August and fun runs and races throughout the year.

But not forgetting those lovely cute Quokkas for whom most visit to see. A tip from a local ....they love sweet potato.

Published by Carol Taylor