My husband and I have a huge interest in musical/theatrical shows ever since. That is why when we found out that there is an opera house in Muscat, we decided to visit and explore the place.Royal Opera House is located at  Al Kharjiyah St., Muscat, Oman. When we visited the place last 2014 we found out that it is not open for public tour at night. However, you can still explore the outside architectural design of the opera and visit the Opera Galleria for dining, shops and other services such as spa and banking services.


Night time visit is the best time to capture the beauty of the Royal Opera House :)


The big wooden chandelier in front of the main door


The outside ceiling decoration of the opera


The corridor going to the Opera Galleria

After two years, we decide to visit the Royal Opera House again for an open house tour (to check the interior beauty) and to inquire for shows suitable for children. The open house tour is open everyday except Friday from 7:30 am to 2:30 pm. The payment for the open tour are based from the following:

a. Adult - 2 OMR (1 OMR is equals to 2.597 USD)

b. Child - 1 OMR

c. Groups (school field trip/travel tour) - 3 OMR

With regards to security policy, every visitors are required to pass through a body scanner and to placed all the belongings in a baggage x-ray machine. No dress code policy for open house tour.However, if you are planning to watch a show, it is advisable to wear a formal attire.


The tour is usually done per group (composed of 10-20 persons) which will start at the lobby of the opera house. Every visitors are given a chance to explore the place and to have a souvenir photos.

The tour guide is an Omani man who gives a well-informative explanation of the origin of the Royal Opera House, the materials used for the construction, the architectural designs, history of musical artifacts from other countries, the sitting capacity, number of shows per year and the highly advanced technical features of the stage.

The price of the ticket depends on the show which ranges from 10 to 70 OMR.


She is excited to watch the ballerina show on our next visit :)

The duration of the entire open house tour is a bit short yet very informative and memorable. :)

Published by Bherlyn Leccio