A while ago, someone asked me why we thank G-d for wind as well as for rain. I admitted to finding the prayer confusing. I know why we pray for rain, I recognise its importance, and I find it ironic and sad that in modern western culture, we curse rain as opposed to praying for it. But I never understood praising G-d for wind. It doesn’t seem to serve any purpose, and on the contrary, strong winds are often very dangerous.

I thought about this today as we experienced dangerous winds which caused a number of disruptions and incidents. Why are we thanking G-d for this?! As I see it, this is the ultimate expression of awe for G-d. It’s like saying “Boruch Doyon HoEmes” when we feel furious and heartbroken after the passing of a loved one. Obviously, this isn’t as extreme an example, but it shows just how much we love Hashem and wish to abide by His will. Essentially, we are thanking Him for everything He created, even the things we don’t appreciate on a day to day level.

Whether or not my interpretation is correct, I feel that it will provide me with extra emunah next time I thank G-d for the wind.

Published by Lily Smythe