Ruby Rai is trending, not only in her small village ‘Hasi Malahi’, of Bihar; but all over India. She may have dreamt of being famous one day, but not this famous that one day she will be the face of our corrupt Education system. Popularity is good, unless it is followed by arrest and humiliation.

For those who are not aware of our 17-year-old shining girl, Ruby Rai (although I think there will be only a few of those); she is the Arts Topper from Bihar, India. She is a state topper with 444 achieved marks out of total 500. Commendable, isn’t it? Very much so, because the subjects that she has topped in, she didn’t even know what they are all about. It became crystal clear when she sat in front of a Tv camera declaring that Political (prodigal as pronounced by her) science teaches cooking. She must be confused between home science and political science; or, in her home, there is too much politics going on. Anyone can get confused between these two, right?

To be caught red-handed, and that too on national television in this time of social media bloom; she must be devastated. I don't know, what she must be going through since  telecast of her famous interview, but it won’t be pretty for sure.

First, it was hard for me to see her as a victim or as a culprit, but, it was made pretty clear when state government arrested this 17-year old, for cheating in her 12th class exam. She was arrested and had to take a re-test of exam; which she failed miserably. She wrote a single small statement, when asked to write down an essay. I wonder if she could even pass the exam, leave aside to top it again.



How did she manage to top not only her school but her state?

Simple – Our Corrupt Education System has helped her to do so.

What has been uncovered is that a local school run by Bachcha Rai, takes a huge amount of money as fees in exchange for giving sure shot high percentage marks. It is like you can order the marks you want and pay for it so. As stated by another person involved in the scam, fees charged were 10 times more as compared to other schools; and in return this school had the highest number of toppers in whole state.

Ruby is not the only one arrested here. Overall 17 or more people are arrested in this scam, which includes 3 other toppers like her; Saurabh Shrestha, Rahul Kumar, and Daughter of Bachcha Rai, Shalini Rai. Almost 300 BSES staff has been transferred, some are suspended. It was a racket with huge money involved. I am sure its root will be deeper than it looks, but arrest of Ruby has proven one thing that this huge scam will not be unearthed fully. In fact, a blame game will be played where the smallest pawn will be made an example of.

Ruby is not a victim. Victim is that student who could have been a rightful topper for his/her hard work, but lost because of these Ruby's and Saurabh's lack of desire of getting educated in right way.

Ruby is not a criminal too. But she is for sure a beneficiary and totally involved in this. For those who say that her parents are culprit and not her. They are right somewhat, but a 17-year-old, asking her parents to make her pass in exam by bribing officials,  does not look so innocent to me. She is an ignorant child, a stupid one. All the humiliation she is facing is because of her own deeds. She may not deserve to be treated like this, but she sure knows what she has done was wrong.

She refused to give a re-test. She didn’t appear for it first time round. Second time she was to be arrested to get a re-test out of her. She refused to wear scarf/mask to cover her face, which is suggested by officers arresting her. Later she obliged. To media she said – Are you going to kill me, if I don’t answer your questions? There is no remorse in her words and her actions. She also said, that she asked her father to make her pass her exam only. She does not wanted to be a topper.

She forgot, a thief is a thief, no matter you are stealing a grocery store or a bank. Your punishment may vary, but you will be punished for it.

Another point I would like to mention here is for those people who are targeting Bihar and Bihari people for this. I have personally worked with some of them, from my first company to my last one. Those I have worked with, were geniuses. They were intelligent and hard-working, and they still are learning and growing in their respective fields. I have also seen one Bihari manager who was a control freak lunatic, without any field knowledge. Point being – you cannot label anyone based on where they are from. Not every Bihari is Ruby Rai. Some Ruby’s live in UP, Delhi, and Haryana too…

It is not only Bihar’s education system who take money to pass/top a student. It happens everywhere. Some places this corruption level is far less than compared to Bihar, but it is an overall Education system failure.

If you want to change this system, first change yourself. Do not expect that every child will be a topper. Do not expect them to do good in every subject. Education is much more than how much marks you have got. Make education simpler. Make it practical. Make it reachable.

Ruby probably cycled 10 km to reach her school (if she had attended any class). How many kids are passionate enough for school, to cover this distance daily?

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