Rucy’s Vanity is another Korean cosmetics brand that offers a more reasonable price to its consumers. They are affiliated to Derm Plus Korea Co., Ltd., the manufacturer of Rucy’s Vanity in Korea. According to their website, it targets “budget-conscious Filipino consumers, which value both affordability and quality of their skincare and cosmetic products. Market, plays an important role of a bridgehead in the Philippines and we’re expecting to make a full-fledged stay in the industry.”

For now, I’ll be making a review on their Whitening Body Lotion and UV Multi Protection Suncream.

Rucy’s Vanity Whitening Body Lotion

The Rucy’s Vanity Whitening Body Lotion claims that it:

  • Makes your skin whiten, soft and elastic.
  • Protect your skin from free radicals, contaminations and irritations.
  • Contains extracts of aloe vera, portulaca, moraceae, centella and green tea to calm and soothe skin.

Each tube contains 100mL for Php120 each. It has three scents namely, Acacia ( Fresh clean scent), Cactus (Mild aloe scent), and Tropical fruits (Sweet fruity Scent). From the three scents, I chose the Acacia one since it was the scent that was appealing to me compared to the other two. The Acacia scent was also the reason why I bought the lotion. This particular scent really has this “fresh clean scent” and I just love the smell of it!🙂

Been using this for a month now, and so far it really does softens and moisturizes the skin. For the whitening part, I’ve been applying this lotion to those parts where it is usually exposed to the sun since my skin tone their is darker. So far, it has minimal effect of whitening that I can still see the difference of skintone with the skin that is usually exposed to the sun vs. to the skin which is not exposed.

So if you are just finding a body lotion that is affordable but moistens the skin, then this lotion will do.

Rucy’s Vanity Multi Protection UV Suncream

This Multi Protection UV Suncream is facial sunscreen. It claims that it is moisturizing yet non-greasy. It is also perfect as a makeup base to smooth out skin texture while priming the skin. This sunscreen has an UV Protection of SPF 50 PA++. Each tube contains 8ml that costs Php70 each. Unfortunately, this has only one size.

I’ve been using this a facial sunscreen and a moisturizer, it does moisturized but after a few hours it is a little bit greasy given that I have an oily skin though it claims to be “non-greasy.” But for the price of Php70, and has a high SPF, I think this suncream will do good for everyday use. You just need to put powder after a few hours to minimized the greasy feeling.

All in all, Rucy’s Vanity has some downs when it comes to their product. However, for the affordability, the products are good enough for everyday use.

You can order Rucy’s Vanity Products on their website, here or you can buy at Fisher Mall’s Department Store.

Feel free to comment or suggest about this product, on how I do my blogs/posts, or my blog in general! 👊 Thank you for reading! 😉

*This is not a sponsored/paid post. Everything mentioned is based on the author’s opinions and perspective.*

Published by Carleen L