Ruddily (rudidity – my word…?)


Had a situation with an ex-colleague the other day.
Trying to get that one person to See and Understand there’s no way back,

When someone had burnt their bridges and Choose to go off the Deep-End…

Well this was that and Even More!


Yes, I suspect that some of you have had the very same situation.
Thus here’s a little background.

This ex-colleague of mine had left the work-place with not only Issues we had to deal with in regards to Clients,
But then, was very happy to take what didn’t belong as well.

Things had been broken and we had to be replaced.
Costs had been incurred, getting all of this sorted out and done…


THEN came the messages – the colleague in Question wanted their own property back.
Strange as it may seem–
Having caused the damage at work and
Left, while we put two and two Together;
Disbelieving the Truths – which Easily came back to be lies and dishonesty…


All of this could had been Forgotten,
The pompous ASS just didn’t want to learn in doing the right thing.

How do you get such a Person to see the Light of Day?


I have been patient and did what I could do in getting them to UNDERSTAND that their property – as little as it is, will be dissolved into the company,
Absolving some of the Money been lost by this Single Person’s arrogance…


So, after weeks of Messages – back and forth and getting THEM to see the Light of their reality;
This last week they’d really become abusive on the Messaging.


Letting them know, what the Extent of the Financial Losses Incurred was–
Suddenly it was US who were Crazy and that there was something wrong with US?


You take a few pieces of paper and place them together,
Then to that with the next few and so on;
Within very short space of time – not looking what is going on,
I Promise you that the combined weight of the paper,
Would Easily out weight the strength – most have to lift this pile!


In this same method,
I had to calculate the incurred funds.

So, after I’d steadily reached my Limit of Irritation;
This rude reaction from the said Person had just giving the only other Course of Action


Deleting their Number off my Phone and off my Messenger App I’m using.

The plain Irony is this,
When someone screws-up,
That is okay – when you’ve got to cover or sort out this Issue;


But then, when they’ve got to PAY-UP for what they owe–
That is the FASTEST that this Person will become rude to you,
Disbelieving that they’ve got any Part of this &
That you’re the one who is wrong…?


The Blatant Irony in this,
NO matter HOW much they’d Screw-Up in their lives –


It’s NEVER EVER their fault

Published by Cobus Vermeulen