Lets talk Shoes.  

I had someone bring up shoes because they wanted me to help them get back into shape before the summer hits us.  I agreed of course because I love helping people & I of course spoke to him briefly about what shoes they wear to run and workout in; well they expressed they had no tennis shoes.   He is a close friend of mine & so I assumed he had at least ONE pair of some type of running shoes, so I asked him if he had old running shoes or any training shoes and then he says "what is the difference, I have neither but which ones should I invest in"?, I let him know to first invest into a good pair of running shoes that were comfortable; then we would talk about having you get a pair of training shoe when it was needed. The gist of this was I didn't realize people didn't know there was such a thing called "training shoes" so this post is for anyone who has been longing to know what training shoes are and the purpose of them; also what are running shoes.


Training shoes: also known as "Cross -training shoes"


  • A soft shoe designed to be used for athletic training
  • not meant for continuous running (long distance)
  • not meant for everyday use
  • maximum flexibility for more agility like motions
  • heavier than running shoes
  • treads on shoes are light
  • should be able to sustain 100 hours of wear - "Dicks Sporting Goods" 
  • mostly used inside a gym
  • versatile shoe

Cross training shoes can be used for multiple purposes and its important that you wear the right shoes for the right activity. These types of shoes can be used to play sports like basketball, tennis, volleyball if necessary but doesn't mean they are the BEST option, the best option are the specific shoes for the specific sport, I don't have a pair myself anymore, but I will buy some because I do attend a gym and these shoes are good for that stuff as long as I am not running more than 5K.  These shoes aren't absolutely necessary to buy but it is good to have variety in case you do need them because at some point you will hurt your ankle if you wear the wrong shoes for the wrong event. 


Running shoes: 





  • Heavy tread
  • meant for running, jogging
  • high cushioning
  • curved for forward motion
  • support focused on heel impact
  • lightweight shoes for faster, freer movements
  • not meant for weight lifting, basketball, aerobics
  • meant for forward motions
  • no lateral stability

Now, I feel like I have forgotten many other types of shoes and I could go into all the shoes.. possible for each sport: basketball, tennis shoes, walking shoes, soccer, volleyball, softball, baseball, and ect. I could list all the above, but I am not going to do that because those are the more obvious shoes.  Now if for some reason someone does have a question about the types of shoes, I will be more than happy to help.  I also wanted to mention that finding a good pair of shoes is very important, shoes can be pricey but trust me when I tell you "a good shoe is a quality shoe" , this means the better quality the shoe it most likely will be a good shoe.  Rumor has it you shouldn't walk into a sports store and try on a couple of pair shoes and pick the best one, they say you should visit an speciality athletic shop and have someone help you choose the right shoe for your foot.  I don't do this, because I don't have that kind of time on my hands and I don't have that kind of shop in my town.  I just think its safer to choose the right shoe for the right type of activity.  

This was just a little tid-bit for today, Thank for reading. Feel free to comment, share, like, follow.




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