Her bronzed toes dug deeper and deeper into the white sand. She exhaled stress, highlighted with worry, into the salty air. The breeze carried her trials and tribulations and threw them to the sky. She reminisced on this past year, making her thankful for the person she left behind in her hometown. She came to the islands to find the person she had lost along the grueling adventure through college.

High school was a rushed, worried time that pushed her to be the best that society wanted to make her. When she graduated high school hopes of becoming a doctor were held dear to her heart. Then the real problem came, college. She spent hours, days, weeks, and years trying to become all that she could be in the medical field. She worried so much about who she was going to become, that she forgot who she really was. She forgot the simple fact of taking time for herself, she forgot about enjoying the simple things in life. She pushed herself to a new breaking point each and everyday to get MD after her name. Most people would call it dedication, she now called it insanity.

Living a fast paced, pushed to your limit, go until you break lifestyle was something she lied herself into enjoying, but deep down a piece of her broke. Now she lays in the sunlight, letting it warm her skin, trying to pick up the pieces she chiseled away and put herself back to someone she would finally recognize in the mirror. The sun had began to set low in the blue sky, causing hues of crimsons, peaches, and magentas to swirl together with the clouds. She turned her head from side to side only to see the island come to life with the last ray of sun. In that moment she knew she has made the right decision to up and run with the sun.

Originally posted on thesaltlifewriter.com

Published by Anna M. Balentine