Welcome to a new world,

Where American pop is trending while Kpop fans have Gotten 7 of their bands together to perform (haha, get it? Got 7?).  Anyways, little do people realize that other genres exist in this world, and that's why I'm here to introduce Russian pop! 

Russian pop is basically like popular music in Russian.  The genre remains the same, but the language differentiates.  There are many Russian pop artists out there, and today, I picked a few to introduce to you.  No, no, this is not like Alla Pugacheva or others, I'm talking about NEW RUSSIAN MUSIC, and yes, I am going to share some songs that were recently released (note: I'm talking about the time when I wrote this). 

1. MBAND - невыносимая

Невыносимая (Nevinosimaya) means "Unbearable" in Russian.  During this song, you probably can figure out what is going on.  It's about falling deeply in love with a girl, and constantly thinking about her.  The beat of the song gives it away, and if you look at the lyrics, a part of the chorus translates to "Love you strongly." 

2. Egor Kreed - Мне нравится
Мне нравится (Mne nravitsya) translates to "I like."  As you may notice, the song has a similar beat to the American pop that you hear all the time.  However, notice the diversity of Russian music.  Yes, the title does give the whole song away but listen to the music and the words, you can tell that the rhythm is diverse but still ends up matching the background music. 

3. Natan - Твои глаза
​Tvoi glaza translates to "Your eyes."  You may think that all Russian singers are desperate now, but let's be honest, Music is all about love and trying to get a girlfriend or boyfriend.  However, Natan has a wife so we can all calm down now.  The clip is filmed in a nice setting which exactly matches the feeling of the song.  The song has a calm beat compared to the other songs that Natan produces.  His previous songs consisted mainly of rapping or those upbeat songs.  However, this song is a great change for his style. 

4. Nyusha - Целуй

​Nyusha is widely known in Russia for her poetic flow and catchy rhythm in Russian music.  «Целуй» directly translates to "Kiss."  You may notice a change of rhythm after the second chorus when it's closer to the Bridge part of the song (if you know what I'm talking about), that is a sign of diversity.  The song is about being interested in a boy and wanting to start a relationship with him.  So you make him notice that you are there because you want a kiss from him (teenage stuff really).  The music video is great.. just wait until the ending. 

5. Тимати feat. Егор Крид - Где ты, где я
​(Sorry that I cannot find another girl song, but that's ok!)

Где ты, где я directly translates to "Where you are, where I am."  Fun fact: I discovered this song on my trip to Detroit, yeah it's a great song to discover during a voyage.  The song is about a boy or a man remembering the best moments of his relationship with his ex.  It's unfortunate to go through all those moments in order for a breakup to happen.  You can see the tension in the song and directly relate to the two artists.  By the way, who wins: Egor Kreed or Timati? (Comment down below!) 

For those five songs, I decided to do a brief description about Russian Music.  Mainly, I want you to discover which song is the best for you, and to figure out if the music videos are able to match the songs.  It's not easy to become adjusted to a different type of music in another language, but I hope these 5 songs adjust you easier.  However, you learned something new today.  You learned about Russian Music, a music that no one in this world really listens to.  Anyways, to all of you who will listen to this song, just remember that:
​As you see the music video with YOUR EYES, ​you will notice the KISS​ that happens sometimes.  The music will be ​UNBEARABLE ​and you will keep on saying "I LIKE ​this."  ​Wherever you are ​in Russian music, ​wherever I was

Published by Candice Zhang