Just paint the sky all gray,
It will match my sorrow,
What hope holds for the morrow,
When my love has passed away.

I am no seed of Abraham,
But you will not dissuade me,
From my faith and loyalty,
Even as we leave my homeland.

Naomi, I won't stay,
Even though you think it's best,
You want to give me rest,
But I will not obey.

Although our future seems bleak,
I pledge to be satisfied,
Adopt your God and be gratified,
Even when there's nothing to eat.

Things are not as grim as they seem,
I left in search of grain,
And it was not in vain,
For we have been redeemed!

We've been blessed by the Divine,
Boaz took me as his wife,
To a boy we gave life,
His name appears in Jesus’ line.


Published by Draw Near