Sometimes, it’s just too much to bring your mouth to food, and you need the food brought to your mouth. Don’t fret; you have options.

Grubhub is a database of all the restaurants that will deliver to you. Browse menus, choose your order, pay, open the door when the delivery guy knocks. Grubhub connects the hungry with the people who want to bring them food. Which is different from our next option.

OrderUp is actually the one in the car, delivering. Same as Grubhub, OrderUp shows you a list of restaurant options, and then the restaurants’ menus. You place your order, the payment for the food goes to the restaurant your food is coming from, and the payment for delivery (some of it, anyway) goes to the OrderUp driver who brings your food.

Quickness RVA — this one is the most Richmond. Because it’s exclusive to Richmond, and because bikes. The business model is just like OrderUp, except they deliver on bikes, instead of in cars. The restaurant options and the delivery range are both on the smaller end, but with options like Lamplighters, Sticky Rice, and Continental Divide, you should be able to find something.

Stay hungry, my friends.

Published by Bethany Lansing