The time is here, yet again,to vote for municipal government. Political propaganda is shoved in our faces at every chance. Campaigns and rallies at every turn. "VOTE ANC - Together We Move South Africa Forward." "VOTE DA For Change.". The EFF and their red berets. So many promises. Who do you vote for?

The ANC has been in power for over 20 years now and let's face it, not much has changed. Instead, people are angry, hungry and jobless. Those of us who DO have jobs, are struggling to keep the money in our bank accounts (some of us more than others). So with all the scandals, the Guptas and corruption within the party & the president - people have lost faith in the ANC. This is a great time, with the youth so conscious of the world and its issues, for a new party to emerge and make a positive change to the mindset of South Africans. There is so much negativity that our country could use some positive changes. The question is: Who do the people trust to make this change?

My friend had an interesting thing to say on this whole subject. He says the problem with people is that they vote for a party, not a president. And it's true. Look how many people, regardless of all the dissatisfaction, still go to the polls and vote ANC. They vote for the IDEA of what the ANC could have been or was intended to be and not what it IS. When everything is over and done, and the ANC fails them yet again after all the promises and momentary fixing of roads and sanitation, they complain while living in their shacks, with no running water and gravel roads and yet again, strike and burn down more buildings. As a black youth, I have had enough. I hate seeing my mother living in a shack, in an are where nobody would dare live in, with no proper roads and electricity that can be switched off for days with no attendance whatsoever. Do you know how it is to live like that? I do. My grandmother died living in such an area and I spent some of my childhood living there. 

This would be a great time for a party like the DA to show how well they can do running municipalities. Instead of focusing on telling us what the ANC is doing wrong (which we already know - the news is full of this kind of thing), they can show us what THEY can do right. The problem with getting people to vote for them is, that people associate them with white supremacy. Mmusi Maimane being the "face" of the DA has alleviated some of this but some black people still see him only as a puppet. The EFF is also another party with enough supporters to take on the ANC but with their leader, Julius Malema, being so radical, most people see him as another Donald Trump and they do not want him leading our country (or municipalities). 

So on the 3rd of August when we all get a day off from work to go vote for our municipal leaders, we need to bare in mind what the objective is. What OUR needs are. Who we trust to look after us and those needs. For those of you thinking "Why vote?" - YOU need your voice heard too. However small you think it may be in this sea of politics, corruption & scandals.

Published by TeeCee Mbaxa