Woof......My name is Saangchai which means Happy Heart. I am a Soi Dog ( Street Dog) who now has my forever home......I am one of the lucky ones.

I live in Udon Thani, Thailand with my mum.....she blogs under the name of http://blondieaka.wordpress.com  and when I can I blog..she hogs the keyboard though woof......I have a blog spot and don't tell her but I get more hits..woof

She is just drinking her early morning cuppa so I have snuck on here...woof

I am so excited cos I met my mum the other day...well her new mum contacted mine and I got to see a picture of my mum..she lives in the UK now...Soi Dogs arranged it all ..she went on one of those noisy big metal birds which fly high in the sky..woof...so brave...I would be scared.. woof.....but a nice person went with her to make sure she wasn't scared..she was so brave... woof and my mum is so pretty my human mum said I have her eyes...woof

If you can give a dog like me a forever home or help by donation or being a carer..lots of things you can do....please check out Soi Dogs here www.soidog.org  and they also have a FB page www.facebook.com/SoiDogPageInEnglish

Woof ....here she comes better scoot woof...nice to chat.

Thank you for reading this post and please say you like me ...woof


Published by Carol Taylor