All life on earth is sacred

Every single blade of grass

But many have lost this sentiment

No longer fell it in their hearts

We've lost touch of what's important

Taught our children the art of abuse

Then wonder why all they care about

Is sex, drugs, money and booze

When I look at the animal kingdom

Its majestic beauty I see

But then forced to watch them slaughtered

58 billion a year just for meat

The wild life we have is amazing

Throughout the world, wonderfuly diverse

But humans we steal and lay ownership

As we buy up and sell off the earth

Our grasslands and rainforests are astounding

Lush palets of emerald green

And yet we'd replace them with concrete

Desimate, burn, and build dreams

The clean fresh skys of colbalt blue

Wrap our Gaia with a protective glow

But we spew toxic chemicals everywhere

Never thinking about tomorrow

Our oceans and rivers are a splendor

The veins and arteries of this beautiful land

Now defiled with the oil we stole from the earth

and anything else that we can

The cultures and colours we have in our midst

Are a celebration of creations veriety

And yet dispite everything else we are doing

Still find time to hate, kill and scream

You see all life on earth is sacred

Filled with beauty, wonder and love

If we don't stop, look, listen and turn around

Soon all we behold will be gone

There isn't much time left to change things

But change things we must and we can

If just once we would stand with each other

Save our legacy, this beautiful land


Tambara Lilly

Published by Tambara Lilly