When we look at a good leader, we see someone putting others before themselves, no matter what, knowing that this pleases God. To do this, they place themselves in God’s tender care.


HOW MANY PEOPLE ARE COUNTING ON YOU TODAY? –One? –Two? --Three or more? –Nobody?  If you are in a position of leadership or authority, there are people counting on you to be present, no matter what.  Like Moses, even if you aren’t expected to perform an active duty, people expect you to be present to: represent them; oversee or assess workers and performances; be available to make important decisions; give an accurate report of events; and encourage the people to work hard and persevere.

It is difficult to replace good and dedicated leaders.  In the Bible, we find that King David’s reign was followed by a succession of predominantly bad rulers, which were of his bloodline. Their success is measured by whether or not they served the people well, but, mostly by if they worshiped and obeyed God and only God.


Those who were considered to be bad kings disregarded God’s laws to treat all of His people fairly, worshiped idols and worshiped themselves as idols.  They burdened the people with their sins and debt.  They did not think of God and the people first. They were proud and thought themselves more privileged and more deserving than the people and God.


HAVE YOU EVER LET SOMEONE DOWN, BUT COULDN’T HELP IT?  You tried your best, but there were things against you? –Health?—Finances?—Opposition?  --Unforeseen circumstances? What did you do? Did you just lay there and take the fall and say, “Oh, well?”  Or, did you GET UP and show people that you’re not GIVING up?  --Even if people doubt you.—Even if people say that you’re not qualified or able to make the grade?


Or, did you GET UP like Sampson, even when your strength had been stolen from you and you were blinded?  Did you GET UP and then take the whole building down and those who had plotted to destroy you?


We have such a leader before us today in Hillary Clinton, who knows how to take a fall, but, better yet, she knows how to GET UP from a fall and TAKE A STAND! Yet, because she’s a WOMAN, some people, especially the opposing party, want to see her as weak, fragile, lacking stamina and good health.  The world and society we live in, although it has progressed, is still unable to recognize the strength, ability and leadership qualities within women; and if it is recognized, it is sometimes seen as a threat and intimidating.  Chivalry may be almost dead, but chauvinism is alive and kicking.


If we open our eyes, we will bear witness to one of the strongest and most capable women born into this generation of men and women. Who could have done this, but God, for a reason?  For God builds up and God tears down.  Did He not make the Prophetess Deborah the Judge over ALL of His people?

The enemy can see what God has done and fears seeing this woman take office.  They have gone as far as to interfere in the electoral process to try and insure failure. 


The opposition will tell you to rebuke this woman; to scorn this woman; to condemn this woman and not to vote for this woman. But…God has His reasons for allowing this.  He has shown the face of our nation.  Do as you will America…mock…scorn…put doubt in the minds of the people.  It will not exclude the fact that, when we who are called by God fall down, WE GET UP!!! WE FALL DOWN, BUT, WE GET UP!


Some people like to put politicians in a BASKET OF DEPLORABLES! These people can DISH IT OUT! –But, THEY CAN’T TAKE IT!  Name calling is fine, as long as it’s not us, or our mother or father you’re talking about!  The people of America and supporters are not off limits!!! WHERE DOES OUR ACCOUNTABILITY LIE? 


It is time someone counted on USWe, The PEOPLE, to change America and change America by standing behind righteousness and not letting deplorable people make it bad for the rest of us, or claim we’re not supporting the despicable ideology and behavior they advocate!


The PEOPLE are the reason bigotry, racism, xenophobia, homophobia, Islamophobia and every other phobia exists! TAKE RESPONSIBILITY for your actions! If you do not stand against those filled with hatred, then, you will either have to join them or, you will be overtaken by them!  That’s what this lesson is teaching us. God wants us to STOP expecting others to change our world and have faith in Him to change US!


Just like the people of Israel, many are looking for a Messiah to come and deliver them from what they believe to be an oppressive government, but God sent Jesus.  He sent Jesus to show them that they were their OWN worst enemy, because they were in bondage to SIN and had placed their nation in bondage to sin.


Then, God, who is MERCIFUL and KIND, sends someone to help America, but they don’t look like some people want them to look, they don’t sound like some people want them to sound, so, they do everything they can to discredit them and their presidency.  Then, God sends someone else to help America, but, they don’t look like some people want them to look or sound like what some people want them to sound like.  They’re not as healthy as you’d like them to be; so, you decide that they’re NOT WORTHY! THE VANITY OF MAN!!!  Jesus lived 33 years. His ministry was SHORT, but, He did more than any MAN could do because He was willing to make a SACRIFICE!!!


Who is more willing to make a sacrifice? A man who makes mistakes and passes his debt down to the people?  Who does everything He can to avoid paying taxes, but claims to be extremely wealthy? Who does not know the definition of true sacrifice?


God has shown us a strong woman, in Hillary Clinton, willing to serve, not just to prove she can do it, but because she knows what it is to FALL DOWN, GET UP and spend YEARS SACRIFICING!!!!


Her enemies want to throw her mistakes in her face, but she GETS UP! This is appalling and against what men would have her do.  She gets ILL and her health may set her back for a moment, because she’s human, but SHE GETS UP!!! She gets up to fight back and continue to fight for the people! This is a TRUE WARRIOR, not a weakling!  Had it been a man, we would applaud him and say how strong he must be, but a woman? She must be frail and trying to hide something.


Lies? We are concerned about lies from politicians? When in order to be a politician there must be secrecy, covertness, plotting and twisting to distract, confuse, and thwart our enemies; in order to move legislation and negotiate? Then, we wonder why there is so much dishonesty among politicians?  What is OF the world is FOR the world. God showed us this through the politicians in the Bible. Anyone who enters the political arena will be thrust in the arena with wolves and forced to do what is necessary to fight to survive.  On the battlefield, we call them soldiers. War is not fair; neither can we rightfully call it ethical and politically correct.  What is politically correct for one may not be politically correct for the other! Did the Syrian children ask for war?  Did they ask to be refugees?  Did the Mexicans beg for poverty within their country in order to flee to the United States to be labeled, detested and feared by many Americans?


Donald Trump says that the United States is a fallen country.  Does he know how to get up?  He has shown us that he climbs to the top like a crab does; climbing on and stepping over the backs of others to get to the top; not caring who he squashes and destroys.  He trains people to do the same thing.  We’ve seen it in his television shows and interviews.  He says that people have to be rich, beautiful, powerful, strong, not physically disabled, not Muslim or of color, and not captured by the enemy, for him to like them. 


Is that how he plans to make America GREAT, by spreading bigotry and racism?! His policies indicate that this is his plan.  Do you want to be a part of that? Then, you belong in the Basket of Deplorables, who have turned their back on God and embraced a sinful world.  Trump’s kind of thinking is not of God! His heart is not for God and His principles.  God’s principles were created for His people.  Therefore, can Donald Trump be FOR the people? NO! America has not fallen. Donald Trump has fallen and does not know how to get up with God. He is for himself.


Do not be fooled! Do not fall for more of Satan’s lies he spreads through those who allow themselves to be used for evil.  This political race has done everything it can to skirt around REAL ISSUES, in order to pull the wool over your eyes.  This is Donald Trump’s strategy.  This is how he transacts business.  It is a CON GAME and he is a CON MAN.  I am not calling names.  I am stating fact, as a result of months of his deliberately confusing the public.  This is not leadership!


GOD HOLD’S UP THE RIGHTEOUS who SACRIFICE not for themselves but for RIGHTEOUSNESS.  David sinned against God. He lied. He killed for gain. He lost the trust of his people and even his son. Yet, God lifted him up, even when he fell ill and feint.  God restored his kingdom.


The Prophet Job showed us that one does not know the TRUE character of a man until he has EVERYTHING taken away from him, even his HEALTH. Then, you come to know his true character, faith, and strength, as well as that of his friends, family and those around him.


God is testing you my Brothers and Sisters!  What is your true character? Will you, can you see HIS hand in all of this?  Look and listen to the world around us.  They can see it.  They are hoping and praying that we will turn from our ways and make the right decision, not only for the United States, but, for the world.


If a warrior has fallen, do we leave them there?  Do we laugh at them, or hope for their demise? Or, do we bend down and help them to get up and STAND?  Do we STAND beside them and help them to fight?


Then, WHERE ARE YOU SOLDIERS OF GOD?!  Why do you help the enemies of God?  WHAT WILL YOU SACRIFICE?!  --YOUR SOUL?!  Why has FEAR captured your heart?  Is it your PRIDE?!  Do not listen to those who say we must BECOME great again.  GREATER IS HE WHO IS WITHIN US, THEN he WHO IS IN THE WORLD!!!


IT IS TIME FOR ALL OF US TO GET UP!!! It is time to stop putting blame on Obama and Clinton and Democrats and Republicans. America, take RESPONSIBILITY for your actions!  WE are the ones who have been complacent and let jobs and opportunities get away from us.  WE are the ones with hardened hearts, who see no other way than to EXCLUDE people and promote the spreading of violence and racism.


One man cannot solve our problems. STAND behind someone who knows that TOGETHER we are stronger.  STAND behind someone who knows how to GET UP and GET UP without having to destroy others.


A good warrior knows how to get up.  Never have I been so sure of this than today.  They understand what it means to bear the cross of Jesus, even when you’re faced with sickness, humiliation, accusations, and distrust.  They know what it means to keep standing, even when your legs are weak.  Why? --Because they trust in something-- someone GREATER THAN THEMSELVES and they know they have been created for a purpose, greater than themselves. Moreover, they know, Who holds them up.


Tell me warriors out there, who know about sacrifice, falling and getting up, where have you really placed your faith? Have you embraced God’s Truth or man’s truth?  ...In other words, ARE YOU ON THE LORD’S SIDE?


Then…let us be STRONGER TOGETHER!!!


This message was paid for by the Blood that has signed my name. 


By the Grace and Mercy of Jehovah God,


Your servant,




Published by Mishael T