Unleash, liberate, and allow yourself to let go. Let loose. Come out of everything binds you and breathe. Have the merry run, not from your faults, not from your bad doings, but from all those restrictions which have been continually limiting you to do more, to be more, and to live to your fullest.  Life’s best run is waiting for you with open hands, come forward and embrace it. Theirs is no competition, there’s no scurry just you and the long enthralling ground. Be anything you want to be. The whole world is yours. You deserve the greatness. Look, no-one is coming after you, you are free. Come, Be Free. Live the way you always wanted to be. Know the greatness you hold within. Enjoy your existence.   Feel the moment of liberation, feel the shivering inside your flesh, and open your soul for coming life-changing adventures.

Remember in your heart that you are destined for greatness, for miracles, for living the life you have always dream of having.

Come, run with me, let loose and live for thy moment. 

Come. Be. 


Published by Nikhil Shrivastava