In many cases, most pregnancies are not planned for. According to a report by the World Health Organization in the year 2012, 85 million pregnancies in the world were not planned and in this 50percent were aborted while 13 percent were miscarriages.

Women will have abortions for so many reasons. Abortion is legal in some countries and completely illegal in some other countries. Some women will have a safe abortion conducted by professional doctors while others will take their own way and have unsupervised abortions by themselves.

Safe and unsafe abortions

Therefore they choose different ways to have abortions. There can be the use of herbs, plants and even use natural ways rather than having surgeries and medications. Some of them have not been well studied and are not even government regulated. These types of abortions will be risky and very unsafe and can even cause death. In case you decide to conduct abortion by yourself at home then it is important that you go for methods that will not put your life in danger.

Reasons for abortion

There are so many reasons that can make a woman want to have an abortion as shown by a survey. Personal reasons are one of the main reasons where women would say that their responsibilities could not allow them to get a baby.

Other women were not ready to be single mothers. Teenage parents said were too young to give birth. Relationship reasons also where parents need their young daughters to have an abortion since they are not yet ready to have children.

Some abort for health reasons, for instance, pregnancy, could harm a fetus or even the mother and this requires an abortion. Financial reasons also cause some women t abort claiming that they do not have the financial capability to raise the child.

Abortion methods

There are many natural ways of inducing abortions some have adverse side effects some of the known natural ways include:

  • Papaya
  • Pineapples
  • Parsley
  • Chamomile tea
  • Green tea
  • Castor oil
  • Physical exercises like massages

There are also others that are used mainly in supervised abortions with regulated drugs. Others also include things like vacuum aspiration where anesthesia is done and sucks out the fetus, evacuation, and dilation which is similar to the vacuuming but at this step, the health practitioner will use forceps to remove remaining parts of the uterus. , induction abortion where a liquid of salt water, potassium chloride, and urea is used to kill the fetus then prostaglandins forces it out, he is done before 24 weeks of pregnancy.


For whatever reason one is having for abortion it is so important to have safe abortion whether in a hospital or even at home abortions. This is by using the drugs that are government regulated or those that are perfectly checked. Some medications have side effects that can cause damage to the user.  They can either be natural ways, by use of plants or herbs or by the medical abortion mostly used by professionals.

Published by Joseph Nicholls