Italy is among the most versatile and attractive destinations in Europe. If you are the person who loves sailing, Italy is a place to choose. The people and the landscape here are fantastic. In Italy, there are four major sailing areas, and these are served by the major airlines. It makes sailing in Italy a cheap option.

Tourist Destinations

There are four sailing areas, namely Bay of Naples, Tuscany, Sicily and Sardinia, and each has unique features. At the Bay of Naples, sailing is quiet, and the distances are moderate. The trip is suitable for those who want to combine sailing with a tour to Pompeii and Naples.

Sardinia is growing very fast. Customers who have been at Sardinia love it. Sardinia is very busy during August. It is a time when Italians celebrate the holidays. If you are the person who likes saving, this is not your time as the prices are high. In August, the area is unique and exclusive. Therefore, it is worth the price. Sailing in Tuscany is quite fun due to visits to the inland wonders such as San Gimignano. Lastly is the Sicily area. Sicily provides spectacular coastline and the magnificent Greek ruins.

Sailing Sports

Sailing sports are favourite in Italy due to the length of the coastline, climate and large lakes. Canoes, sailing boats, motorboats and kayaks are hired at many coast and lake resorts. If you do not know about sailing, you can learn from Sailing in dinghies and yachts is common throughout Italy. Dinghy sailing is mostly common on major lakes because they provide better wind conditions when compared to their smaller counterparts.

Recently, the Italians attempt to win America's Cup has boosted sailing. Motorboats are popular in sailing because they cater to the Italians love for speed. Most of the resort have sailing and yacht clubs where courses are taken. For you to hire or take a class, you have to be a member, and costs vary significantly.

Sailing Vacations in Italy

Currently, Italy enjoys a significant number of tourists due to its history, which is accompanied by the visitors who want to sail on its waters. Many companies will help you realise your sailing dream. The companies you need to consult with are Peter Sommer Travels, the Moorings, K6 Yachting and Sail-Italy. You will get flexible sailing vacations in Italy, visiting the places you have in mind or following a suggested itinerary. To get more information about sailing in Italy, here to help out with information.

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