Muslim economy is growing significantly, especially in European countries like UK there are tons of opportunities for entrepreneurs towards Muslim consumers. The classic example for this is a “Halal food restaurant”. However, in today’s world where digital is everything, can Muslim specific business models sustain?

The answer is Salam Planet, a Muslim lifestyle application for the followers of Islam. However, unlike most applications that only offer spiritual solutions, this new app is offering all expected of a social media/lifestyle app.

Apart from Namaz Times, Qibla direction & other similar features, the app also lets its users connect with each other and share daily insights, much like a typical social media application. However, that is not just the user of Salam Planet would do. The app also lets you find halal restaurants, latest happenings & events.

Not limiting its reach just to end users, the developers of the app have done a great deal to bring brands and businesses onboard as well. Any modest brand fighting to find its reach to targeted Muslim market can easily register and maintain a page on the app.

In a bid to make its portal more business friendly, Salam Planet is planning to launch a Muslim Event Portal in UK, Salam Tickets. The portal will cater to the needs of event organizers while connecting them to a greater targeted audience.

According to the CEO of Salam Planet Omair Khan, “With 600k installs already, we are growing very fast. And with introduction of this new feature, we are anticipating a huge turnaround from the event organizers.”

He further added about the importance of UK in the Muslim market. According to him, “UK Muslim community is a trend setter for Ummah around the globe, any company looking for a product targeted towards Muslims has to capture UK Muslim community.”

The response from Muslim community is also very overwhelming for the App. Especially event organizers like Tahir Mirza have already started to leverage the portal’s strong and targeted Muslim following. 

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Published by Mohsin Ahsan