I was sitting there keeping the score of the Bethel Pilots Volley Ball Game versus the Talylor University team. The game had been going on for a while now, and it was really getting into the heat of the first match. Both teams were play really really well. This was Bethel's first home game, and for this being my first time ever watching them I watched with amazement as they volleyed the ball back and forth with the other team. 

To be completely honest, if you know me, you know I have 3 loves. Music, Theater, and Volleyball. I love the sport, I would pass and play volleyball all day if I could. Now, I chose music over volleyball in high school, but that is another story for another day. Anyways, I was not excited to have to go to this volleyball game at all. I was dreading having to go. I didn't want to sit there for two hours keeping score for the online viewers watching at home. Why? I Usually hate watching volleyball games. Keyword USUALLY. This game was different, and this is why. Yes, both teams played beautifully, their talent was fantastic, and you could definitely see that from the stands, but it went beyond that.

Here's the first thing that stood out to me. EVERY SINGLE GIRL ON BOTH TEAMS PLAYED.

Read that again. A college team. They rotated girls. No one was benched. No one was placed above anyone else. It was beautiful. I have never in my life seen sports teams work so well together than the ones I saw tonight, and I honestly think a huge aspect of that had to do with the fact that all of them got a chance to play. I don't like the idea of benching people. That's part of the reason I quit sports (and because I liked marching band way more..that's beside the point...kind of..) In a Marching band there is a place for everyone, you don't get benched because you aren't "good enough" you all work your butt off the same amount so you all should be able to show your efforts. That's what I loved about the rotation method that they did tonight. Every girl got to show their skills and every girl go to work hard on the court, and it showed.

The second thing that showed on both teams was just the Sportsman Ship and the Spirit of the teams. I saw no negativity for the coaches or the players the entire game. Even though there were a couple of times where there could have been some everyone was so incredibly encouraging towards each other. It was really inspiring to watch. Instead of putting each other down like I was watched so many other teams do to each other (I have been apart of some of those teams) I watched these two teams come around each other when maybe one of them might have missed a serve or something and they said "hey it's all good" or they all celebrated together. They all cheered for each other as a team. It was a really beautiful thing to see.

Walking into that gym I never expected to take something away from  that game, but I did so if anyone from either of the teams read this, or if you are a coach or a player of the sport and read this. Take something away from this and realize it's more than just winning the people who are watching you, the kids who are watching you play are taking notice to how you are acting on the court. 


Published by Bailie Scheer