Living in a society where the majority of the people are white, it`s also shown by the makeup we buy. It hasn`t always been easy for a tan skin girl as myself to buy makeup in a nordic country as Norway. I can`t always buy a new foundation from a specific makeup brand without being dissapointed by the lack of diversity. My skin tone changes every season because I get lighter in the winter time and darker on the summer times, which leads to me having to buy different foundations. Sometimes I can be lucky with finding a shade that suits me, but unfortunately that shade is the darkest one and will probably not be restocked because it doesn`t sell as much as the lighter shades. You can`t help, but feel discriminated. This debate does not only involve foundations, but also different lipstick, lip glosses etc. As the picture is showing the same lipstick, but how it looks on one person does not look the same on another person. I have struggled for years with finding lipsticks that will look just as good on me as my white sisters. You get annoyed with seeing the cosmetic companies not up to date with todays society. We all do not look the same and we don`t have the same skin color, skin complextion and therefore the makeup should display the same diversity.

I think it is unfair for me not to be able to buy “Fit me” Foundation from Maybelline, because the shade that finally suits me and by the way is the darkest doesn`t sell. What about my dark skin sisters? We don`t only have light skin people living in Norway just because the majority are white. All shades and colors should be represtented! It isn`t always easy to have to buy makeup online and not being able to try it out first. What if the different colors doesn`t suit you? Do I really want to have to send it back, oh what the struggle!

PS: This is my experiences with being born and raised in Norway so I can`t comment about how it is in other countries, but for me this is an ongoing issue.

What is your opinion?

- Sofia

Published by Sofia Abdule