For his birthday my boyfriend got the Samsung Gear VR set. He put it on and had a played about and downloaded some games for it. Only trouble was that there weren't that many games to play.

He let me have a go. He knows I hate rollercoasters, so he popped the only rollercoaster game there was on for me and left me to it. There is a massive build up as you go up the hill towards the top of the coaster, towards the first drop! The drops really get your stomach doing the flips!

I really enjoyed the experience, mostly because I could relax as there wasn't any actual danger. It still felt genuine even though I knew I would not die instantly if I flew off!

There were other games as well, such as; Smash It. It is so addictive! You fly forwards, trying to avoid obstacles by throwing little balls at them to smash your way through. The speed that you travel increases as you make your way through the level.

We found though, as incredible as the gadget is, bits of it were falling apart. Little black things that we couldn't find a home for within the gadget. The games are a bit short and a little glitchy in parts in enjoyable. Just be sure to make sure that you are going to get your money's worth if you decide to purchase them. We bought a game for 2.99 and it only lasted about five minutes!

If you explore the device further you can watch films on it, even Netflix! The Gear VR is worth having a bash on, but I'd make sure that you keep your receipt just in case it starts falling apart like ours did.

Happy Gaming!

Aimee X

Published by Aimee Shepherd