Why are those whom mess up in life the only ones guilty when those whom are manipulating these outcomes are not? I recently saw a video by a movie director whom I will not name at the moment because of my own conscience but he made a charge as many people do regardless of where you are in life on this very subject. Personally I often say I do not care but it is because I care too much to the point of allowing myself to get taken advantage.

Many people are like this in the world and we wonder why we praise the great stories and testimonies of the world every so often and yet wonder why we hate people coming to our door for petitions, God's word when offensive and even those people who call on the phone and ask you to comply with not seeking out their life for marketing schemes and I'm not even talking about the ones whom call to ask if you want to me apart of the team. It's the reality of the ones who do not want your spillover percentage by yapping their entire testimony to the entire world already in false hope of getting somebody on board for your next venture. Hence one of the greatest if not the greatest company around now a days Wordlventures and the Momentum type mentalities of individuals saving individuals from poverty to even greater riches of it.  

One thing that I have noticed about momentum and success is that once you get it especially with people it's difficult to control your own ability to not want to celebrate like the world does especially when you haven't had any true influences in your life. I mean no disrespect to my parent's and or select friends of at the moment but in all honesty when it comes to growing up with a really great and amazing friend's group who does the bible study thing, fellowship lifestyle all the time to make sure God is first, I have never truly been able to be apart of that. 

We see corruption in the greatest of ways and then we start to lie and manipulate our friends because of a documentary we saw or at least I know people like this directly connected to some big name people for their chance at victory, if that's even possibly.

I do not believe salvation and growth within God's kingdom and even this one from a friend and family point of view comes with distrust, but trust which will often be manufactured for the sake of year long friendships and move on to next phase ministries. 


Here are some verses to research:

1 Sam. 3:13

1 Sam. 2 

Mt. 12: 6-8

Mt. 6:1 

Mt. 5:13 



Published by SkyBox Captain