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As I mentioned before, I am a proud native of sunny San Diego. The one thing that has taken over this gorgeous city in the last couple years is the craft beer revolution. I’ve always liked beer, but I never thought that I’d too become part of the beer snobbery that has taken over my hometown. It hit me this summer at a backyard pool party when I exclaimed, “Oh thank God!” after finding one lone Ballast Point Sculpin among a cooler full of Pabst Blue Ribbon cans. I too used to drink Coors and Bud Light, but now I have lingered into the mysterious world of IPAs. Once you go craft, you can’t go back. Here’s why:


The Brewery Has Become the New Bar

Breweries have been popping up throughout San Diego, especially in Mira Mesa and North County, and it’s absolutely beautiful. Miramar road used to be known for giant furniture warehouses and auto repair shops, but now you see these alcohol-friendly establishments mixed in every couple of blocks. I love breweries for many reasons, but mainly because they’re cheap, have really good food and are a great place to go with your friends. Bars can get old after a while due to the amount of noise and aging fraternity brothers. Sometimes if I just want a chill night out with my boyfriend and close friends, breweries are the optimal places to go to.


Get Your Sampling On!

As the result of childhood trips to Costco with my financially-conscious father, I love the concept of sampling! Even though Costco has free samples, sampling usually implies that you get a variety of the said product at an affordable price. In the craft beer word, a “flight” is the equivalent to sampling. Most breweries will give you 3 or 4 half or one-third pours of different beers for a super cheap price! Ballast Point (one of the more famous local breweries) charges five dollars per flight. I like this option because I can sample a new one or two while mixing in an old favorite. I also like getting flights at AleSmith! They’re selection is great and they give you a cute little basket to carry your glasses around in. I know that’s not the important part, but it’s convenient and fun.


The Loyal Fan Base

People really love their craft beer to the point that they know the science behind making it. Some breweries actually sell the tools and ingredients to make your own beer in their gift shops. That’s right, bathtub beer is becoming a thing again. I’m not quite sure how I feel about that yet, but it’s definitely making a comeback. Different beers come down to the type and amount of hops, how much yeast is used, and the flavors that are infused. I don’t know nearly enough about this process to give you great insights, but luckily we live in an age where you can google anything if you’re interested enough to learn more.


The Beer Itself

Craft Beer is just inexplicably better than traditional beer from the can. The taste is richer and full of flavor! I’ve had beers that were infused with citrus, chocolate, coffee, and even peanut butter! It sounds weird, but these flavors make it so much better. Many places will offer seasonal flavors of beer almost as if they were a Starbuck’s. I’m more than positive that pumpkin spice craft beer exists. One of my favorite flavors at Ballast Point is called Orange Tart. It's so delicious, but unfortunately it usually isn't on the menu when I go.


If you're in the San Diego area, I highly suggest exploring the craft beer scene! At first I was afraid I wouldn't know the lingo or how it works, but the beer community is friendly and informative.


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