Last week, I was going to make a list of reasons why I should 1) Visit San Francisco and 2) Eventually live there one day.

That list got a little out of hand.

It was extensive.  I'm talking 2-3 pages extensive.  Yikes.

Nevertheless, I am going to recap the key points: the reasons why San Francisco is probably the coolest, most awesome, greatest (most expensive) place EVER.  Okay, I'm being a little dramatic.

But seriously -- this city is the place of my dreams.  At least, I think so.  I've never actually been there.  ONE DAY, PEOPLE.  ONE DAY.

Okay, so here are (some of) the reasons I want to go...

The List

  1. FOOD

    1. According to PETA, San Fran is one of the most "Veg Friendly Cities," meaning they have LOADS of vegan & vegetarian options.  In some public parks, you are allowed to eat fruit from the trees!
    2. San Fran was also voted the #1 city to live the "organic food lifestyle," meaning most produce in groceries/restaurants hasn't been sprayed with any nasty chemicals or pesticides!  Yay!

    1. There are mini parks scattered throughout the city -- so if you have the luxury of living in a CITY and in NATURE at the same time.
    2. San Fran has some of USA's best public parks.
      1.  Awesome parks in San Fran:
        1. Golden Gate Park
        2. Presidio Park
        3. Dolores Park
      2. Some cool outdoor places to visit:
        1. Marin Headlands
        2. Point Reyes
        3. Muir Woods
        4. Mount Tamalplais
  3. ART

    1. There is public art everywhere.
    2. There are many cultural events: art, live music, theatre...
      1. Did you know that outdoor cultural events help ward off anxiety/depression?  Pretty cool.

    1. San Fran was voted the 8th best city in the US for bikers.  That means I could ride my bike to work rather than drive a car -- which is AWESOME.
    2. It was also voted the 7th fittest metro in the US.
    3. There are public trails everywhere, making it easy to go for a walk or hike.
    4. Yoga is part of the city's DNA.
      1. Yoga is everywhere -- even in the airport, apparently.
      2. The city was founded on a "zen ideology," and is home to the oldest Buddhist Temple in the US.
      3. I work at a yoga studio, so it's safe to say I relate to the zen ideology pretty well.

    1. The city is very dog-friendly.
      1. Did you know there are more dogs than there are children in San Francisco?  I like the sound of that.
    2. There is plenty of delicious coffee.
      1. As a self-proclaimed coffee addict, this fact makes me very happy.
    3. The average temperature is 7OF.  Yes.  Just yes.
    4. Sea lions.

    1. North Beach (which isn't actually a beach, apparently).
    2. Fisherman's Wharf
    3. Soma
    4. Nob Hill
    5. Oldest China Town
    6. Alcatraz
    7. Golden Gate Bridge


So what holds me back?  The cost of living is sOoOoO expensive -- heck, even just a simple plane ticket is $500+

Did you know the average cost of a 1 bedroom apartment is $3,460 a month?  That's 6% higher than the average cost of living in the US.

I know you can't see my face, but I am rolling my eyes.  Hard-core.

Have you ever been to San Francisco?  Did you like it? Love it? HATE IT?
What's your favorite place to visit in America?

If you could live anywhere, where would it be?

Let me know!



Published by Gigi Nally