I'll admit that there was a time in my life where I had regrets. But, that has changed and I could not be more relieved. We live in a world where many people live their lives with "what ifs", "only if I did this", "I wish that didn't happen", or "I wish I did that instead of that." The list goes on.

There was a day when I was sitting and just thinking. Thinking about why I had those types of thoughts. Those thoughts were not going to help me grow as an individual or anything for that fact. Instead, they made me feel down. I came to the realization and conclusion that from that point on I would live my life with no regrets. What happened has happened. There isn't a thing such as time travel where I have the capability to go back and change what has happened. Whatever has happened, I use as a learning experience.

Furthermore, when you constantly have regrets or even a few, you're living in the past. Live in the NOW. You're never going to get that time back. Don't waste your time on thinking what could have been if things happened differently. Look at it in an optimistic way. All the amazing things in your life would not be there if it weren't for what has happened up until now. Don't let the past define you if you don't like who you are. Use it all to help you improve yourself and grow as an individual.

You might say that you have made  some"bad" decisions in life. However, these "bad" decisions open the door of mastering self-forgiveness. We're human beings. Human beings aren't perfect. If a bad decision or mistake is not made, then you wouldn't get to learn whatever could have helped you become a better person. Going off of this even more, the undesired aftermath of a decision helps you reevaluate what you actually want and what you want to achieve. You learn through experience. Instead of thinking of mistakes as mistakes, try thinking of them as experiences.

Live in the present & don't dwell on what could have been. Don't let the past define you.

-Divya :)

Published by Divya Patel