You don't need to stay in his life just because you feel that you can't live yours without him.


Have you ever felt like you were so attached with a person and it killed you when he finally decided to leave you? Like he became your air—you can't breathe fine when he's gone. Like he became your sun—you feel cold when he's not around. Like he became your soul—you feel empty without him in your life.

One thing I learned from my four-year relationship (which ended eventually) is that I should not compromise my own happiness just to keep him in my life. In the duration of our short-lived forever, I sacrificed a lot of things and endured a lot of circumstances so we could be together. I fought against the circumstances and even against my own self just so we could work while trying to think that I was happy doing those things. But it was tiring and it made me sad, eventually. Because fighting a battle against the world should be done by both of us and not just me alone. 

Thinking about it now, I could not blame him for the pain I felt. I somehow gave him consent to hurt me—intentional or not. I allowed him to make me an option, a go-to girl, a person who always stays behind for him. Because I was once a girl who did not require anything from her guy. I just accepted what he could give even if I felt that it was not enough. I did not complain.

And I am not that person anymore.

I learned that I deserve the best love a man could ever give. I realized that I should demand for what I want and what would make me happy, too. Sacrificing for a relationship is a healthy way of showing your love to a person. But make sure that when you sacrifice things, you are still extremely happy. Because once you sacrifice something and it makes you feel unhappy, whatever you do is not worth it. Love should not make you compromise between what makes you happy and what makes your partner happy. You both deserve happiness even if you give up things, lose a lot and sacrifice. Sacrificing for the person you love should be an act of happiness—not a give-away promo or bargain to make him stay in your life.

Love is a good thing and it should not hurt you, break you or make you feel less. You deserve a love that is free from all insecurities in the world. You're fat and you don't care because he loves you. You're poor and he does not give a damn. You think you're ugly but you're the most beautiful person for him. You deserve the best love a person could ever offer in this lifetime because you are a person worth loving.

If you are in a relationship right now and it makes you sad and that sadness is overpowering whatever makes the both of you happy, please think twice... thrice... many times. Because you deserve to be loved in happiness.


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