Allow me to reintroduce myself! How many times has that been said? Is it too much? 


I felt before I started posting articles it would only feel right if I posted an article about who I was first. That way you have some history about the type of writer and person that I really am. My favorite writer is Lord Byron. If you don't know who he is go ahead and google it. Lord Byron was a rock star before rock stars really existed. He became famous for his love letters and extravagant behavior. As he grew older he yearned for more adventures and less for people. His writing and his looks constantly found him in bed with the ladies. He fell in love easily. While I don't respect all his proclivities, I do really enjoy his writing and use of letters. I also relate to his ability to easily fall in love with someone. With all that being said my second favorite writer is probably Bill Simmons. His style of writing is very tongue in cheek while also making a point. He's a sports writer that also talks about daily entertainment. If I have a similar writing style I would say I take after him. 


I'll be honest and tell you I've never used to this site before I was invited to contribute as a writer. I was told I have free reign to write about whatever I want. If you've read my other works you can tell how dangerous that statement can be. My styles vary depending on what I'm writing about. I try to remain objective when I talk about sports. When it comes to talking about life, love, and all the crap that comes with it I tend to be pretty intense. Any short stories that I might share are typically easy going and sarcastic. I like to write humor with some romanticism. 


Now that I've addressed what I write and who are my influences I should probably just tell you about myself outside of writing. I'm a quiet guy. I'm an empathetic introvert. Although when I do go out to do something I'm not afraid to try new things or to do something extreme. I've sky dived and white water rafted. I really want to chase and record a tornado. I have no problems moving around and seeing new places. I'm probably borderline insane. I don't like casual conversation. I usually dive head first into personal questions. Females usually think I'm flirting with them when really I'm just curious about them and I'm trying to learn. I became a vegetarian over four years ago. I workout twice a week on my days off. I work full time as a book seller. I've come accustomed to people letting me down to the point that I have trust issues and don't rely on anyone. In a short paragraph that is the best summary I can come up with for you. Time to hit print to get this first article posted!


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