**Before you read: Please keep in mind that this is my opinion on a negative experience I had after two months of mostly positive ones, so please be kind!**

Coming back from international travel and feeling like the world is a great place and that the world outside of the United States, what I have known for 23 years, is wonderful to come back and feel threatened makes me sad. I was with my brother on Monday in our hometown and eating an acai bowl and catching up and enjoying ourselves. My brother received a call about a possible job offer when a homeless man (he looked that way) begged us for money. He asked for $5.00, I handed him $2.00 because as my brother and I sat silently, he kept begging. He looked at my brother and begged for $5.00.  My brother had to stop talking to this potential employer, putting him on hold, to speak to this man. My brother handed him $3.00. He noticed my brother had a $10.00 bill and asked for that in return for the $5.00 we had just given him. My brother was quiet and didn't want to but this man kept asking and asking. I was uncomfortable because he just wanted more and more. He just kept saying he would give us back the $5.00 for the $10.00.

My brother, being the gracious human being he is, handed him the $10.00 and the man handed us back the $5.00, and walked away quickly, not saying thank you once during the moment he walked over to us to when he walked away so fast to get away from us. I don't know why my heart became torn because I would love to help as many homeless as I can but when they are as adamant as this homeless man I encountered, it becomes really hard to trust people.

You see, the homeless in London are polite for the most part. The homeless in London will walk up to you and ask you for money but they walk away as soon as you say no, for the most part. I forget the aggression and frequent homeless people that walk through the city downtown in my hometown that can get quite aggressive in speech. 

What do you think about the homeless and what do you think can be done to remedy the aggressive homeless?

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Published by Tiffany Chen