If Scarlett Johansson is crushing on (or even picks your name for a crushing candidate), you must have done something right. And given her entrepreneurial venture, which is an artisanal popcorn shop in Paris, we’re not surprised that the person she is most probable to like is from the food industry.

The actress was recently on The Howard Stein show to discuss her new movie Ghost In The Shell. While in conversation about the movie that talks about placing a human brain inside a perfect robot body, the discussion may have strayed a little into Johansson’s personal choices (in men, particularly). Here’s what happened.

Stern mused, “I want a robot body that looks like…who is a hot guy? Who do you think is the hottest guy right now in the world?” the actress, who definitely hadn’t seen that coming, stuttered a dubious (but still somehow totally charming), “I don’t know. I can’t think of any right now.” But given Stern’s cajoling prowess as a pro interviewer, he threw some names like Brad Pitt, Fabio, and James Vanderbeek at Johansson, who finally gave in and answered. “Honestly I’m like somebody who likes Gordon Ramsay. Or Anthony Bourdain. There’s a running theme.”

See, we’re not so different from ScarJo! We also love the two chefs and would totally want a partner who knows how to cook and maintain a million dollar persona. In fact we are the same. Only a little less stunning, rich, famous, and successful. Otherwise, soul sisters!

Feature Image: NBC

Published by Hungry Forever