Ever wonder why some people moved on from their past? Why some forgot the pain of what their scars affected their lives?

Just like the quote said, “Be proud of all the scars in your life. Each one holds a lifetime’s worth of lessons.”

Usually, scars remains but life must goes on indeed. That scars of yours will always be a scar but remember how they changed your life and how they changed the way you look at things.


For some, on the other hand, yes “Scars will always be scars.” For those who chose to waste their lives and for those who chose to be left behind.

Remember scars may heal, just learn how to get up and get rid of the negative impacts. Let that scar be your strength to find who yourself really needs to be.

Photo taken: City of Love, Philippines. August 2015.
Written and Photographed by: Jaypz

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