I was in the cab with my grandmother on our way home. Down the slope, there are two opposing streets which we could possibly take. The driver asked me, “Kanan o Kaliwa? [left or right]

At this age I’m still confused which is which. As stupid as it may sound..it is easier to answer who Pavlov is than where left and right is. After milliseconds of lagging, I remembered this scar in my right hand, looked at it and then immediately answered, “Kanan ho, Manong.  

I got it when I was 6 years old when deliberately and out of curiosity, I decided to feel the recently used flat iron left in the stand. It seemed like a distant memory but there are still times when I remember how it looked when the wound was still fresh. Funny thing too, in high school I sometimes get into the trouble of explaining that I am not a fraternity member because of this scar. 

I thanked God for this. I can’t count the number of times I have relied on this scar in going to places, finding things and most importantly following directions. With this dilemma I have, I could only imagine the chaos I could have put myself into if this scar isn’t where it is today. 


In life, we’ve been wounded a lot of times and the scars, as much as we would like it to just go poooofft and vanish, always presents itself to remind us of the things we’ve went through. Better if the wounds are only physical..caused by stupidity that in time will just be an antic story that is nice to relate. Like how I got his scar out of sheer ignorance. 

But we know that’s not always the case. Other wounds seems to be so deeply embedded in our souls, in the whole of our being that it affects us in negative ways. Like how when I was a kid and a teenager, the wound of being left when I was still young turned into a scar, anguish towards my mother who I felt abandoned me and my sister which also translated to hate for a lot of people and a lot of things in life.

But God is good. He embraces broken things and turns them into beautiful. When I realized how this scar in my hand have helped me in subtle and important ways, it dawned on me that God let us go through painful things that leaves scars for a greater purpose. For direction, for inspiration.

One time, out of anger I told my mother how I resented her irresponsibility. How this and that turned this way because she is the way she is. To that she answered, “You know, you should thank me instead. If it weren’t for me, for what I did and how I am, you wouldn’t be where you are today.” It irritated me a lot the first time I heard it and sometimes when I think of it, I still feel annoyed. But when I think of it, she’s right..my life’s not perfect. There are a few bumps here and there and sometimes it feels as if it’s going to throw me out of my seat. But if given the choice I wouldn’t dare change how things went. 

Cause if things happened differently, I might not have enjoyed and appreciated my relationship with God as much as I do now. The compassion and understanding I feel I have for people who went through the same or similar would have been different. I might not be who I am right now and might not have met all the wonderful personas in my life today. These scars inspired me to be a better person, gave me a better insight on the path to take.

So dear brothers and sisters in Christ, the wound might seem so painful and we wonder why it happens but take heart. God does not allow things to happen without a reason. He heals the brokenhearted and binds up their wounds. The scar may seem annoying and it may hurt still, can make you feel ugly at times and all but believe that in time, God will let you see the reason why it came to be. Believe that the scars and wounds Jesus took thousands of years ago already covered for that and will cover for all that may come, you just have to surrender it to Him.

The wounds when they were still fresh were painful. The scars when I see them in my life disgusted me and made me feel ugly. But when I came to know the saving grace of the Lord, I can only stand in awe. I cannot imagine who I could have been without His love and I can only look forward to what he'll do believing that I am a work in progress.

But in the end, the truth will remain- God restores, God heals, God renews. Indeed, His love is a balm that soothes all the pain we could possibly encounter.