In our daily day life whatever we hear is sound. Some of them gives us pleasure some makes us irritate. So we can divide them into two part. The wanted sound and the unwanted sound. The unwanted sound is known as noise. But the definition of noise is difference from person to person. For example, the rock and dead metal sound can be enjoyable for some people so it’s not a noise for them. But a person who don’t like that sort of music can say that it’s a noise. So from this example we can say that a sound will consider as a noise or not is depended upon the listener’s persecution. But the fundamental is any unwanted unpleasant sound is consider as a noise.

How Sound Create

Sound is created by vibration. When we hit any object, its create some vibration and those vibration create sound and that sound come to our ear through making some wave in the air. But air is not the only media that can carry sound. Sound can also pass through water and some other object but sound can’t pass in airless area.

Effect of noise and noise pollution

Excessive noise is always harmful for us. There is some argument that what level of noise is consider as noise pollution but according to most of the specialist it is clear that sound level that cross 80 Decibel is consider as noise and noise pollution.

Noise prolusion have fetal effect in our life. If a person work in a noisy environment that can decrease his/her hearing level gradually. In the long run it can also cause permanent hear loss also. Excessive noise increase the blood pressure and also be a reason of heart attack. So we all should aware about this pollution.

 Pretension of noise pollution

Try not to create sound that make noise pollution is the main option to prevent noise pollution. If it’s not possible at list try to minimize those pollution is the main prevention way. In the work place like heavy weight manufacturing industry where noise pollution is almost impossible to avoided then active and passive noise cancelling procedure is the only way to protect our ears and hearing from sound pollution.

Passive noise cancelling procedure: Cowin E7,

When we use any object the prevent the outside sound to come to our ear is known as passive noise canceling technique or procedure. There are different types of headphone are now available in the market that work as passive noise cancelling headphone. Beats mixr headphone is one of the most popular headphone in the market now a day that work for passive noise cancelation. Beats mixr headphone is design in such a way that its earcups can protect maximum amount of outside sound. Because of this useful feature beats mixr headphone is become more popular day by day among its user group.

Active Noise Canceling procedure:

Active noise canceling procedure is similar with passive noise cancellation. But the only difference is passive noise canceling device not only prevent the unwanted noise but also create an internal sound to prevent the outside noise. Cowin E7 is one of the most popular headphone for active voice cancel. Cowin E7 headphone is design in such a way that not only protect the outside noise but also mimic the outside sound by creating a mirror reflect base sound that deactivate each other’s harmful effect. Because of this special feature Cowin E7 is most popular among the young age group who love to hear music.

Sound is correlated with our existence we can’t deny that. When there is any existence of life there will be some sound for sure. But we must make sure that those sound not make noise. And if it’s not possible then active and passive noise cancelling technique is the only way to save our hearing from noise pollution

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