There are people that devote their entire lives to science. They look to discover why things work the way they do. They look to discover why or how things happened in history. I find it amusing when science creates a theory and pretends that it disproves God. They fail to understand that God is omnipresent, He is in all things. All they have done is discover the method God used to bring about His will. The way is irrelevant when they bypass the source. Even more amusing is when science feels the need to explain away God so they develop theories that they have to now set out to prove. Many times, in order to prove a theory, they alter the initial criteria assuming that what is known must be incorrect. Thank you science for helping believers see the imagination of The Creator and seeing how He brings about His glory. I rest assured of what God has done, I’ll leave it up to you to explain how He did it!


Published by Thomas Hopkins