Hi everyone!
I'm currently in Varna (Bulgaria). For those of you who haven't heard of Varna before, let me tell you- it's like heaven. I'm not usually a sea person, nor I enjoy tanning but the atmosphere of this city is amazing! The crowds of many people from all over the world, the sights, the ice cream. There's also this spanish restaurant that I love so much also! I was originally here because of my English exam (which is tomorrow), but I couldn't help falling inlove with the city (once again). And here are a few pics from the beach itself. Nothing fancy, just some shorts, an annoying yet really cute top that was lifting way too much, and of course a dottie swimsuit (huge surprise). And 30 minutes after these pics were taken I became as red as a crab. Oh man this will be painful... 

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Photos by Michail Bratanov 
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