Happiness, joy, enjoyment, delight, pleasure, satisfaction and cheer – while each of these words point to the same feeling in their own unique way, happiness is an emotion that can fill our lives with wonders. Bringing excitement and interest to our daily routine, moments of joy can elevate our mood to a great extent. While we experience the flow of happiness in our hearts, we realize the power in its presence. As magnets of enthusiasm, energy, high spirit and active mind, happiness attracts success and satisfaction. Wondering about the real essence of happiness, I often think about the origin of its supply.

      A firm believer of the fact that happiness lies within our inner self; deep thinking and introspective conduct has taken me towards this conclusion. While engaging ourselves into activities of interest, we can ensure unrestricted flow of joy. I believe in the need to figure out ways that can make me happy. Be it work, hobby, food or leisure, my interests and inclinations lead me towards happiness. As a valuable goal in life, it is essential to devise means of pleasure. While I focus on my own route of happiness, I also realize the need to blend them with the interests of my loved ones. By striking a perfect balance between my activities and those of the family, I can wish for interesting moments and delightful experiences.

       Passion, interests, goals and ambitions form the backbone of happiness. While pondering about aspects of delight, I realized the need to throw light on my abilities in every walk of life. From a career that completes me to a hobby that attracts me, from cuisines that tempt me to activities that engage me, searching this source of happiness brought me closer to the feeling of satisfaction. While it is incorrect to enforce my choices on those around, finding few dedicated moments for myself does the necessary trick.

     During this hunt for happiness and search for joy, I find myself closer to life. As a path that leads me towards satisfaction and fulfillment, I experience the joy of living life in a fruitful manner. Mirroring my desires, hopes, wishes and dreams, it takes me to the door of success. Finding means and ways that bring happiness, we can experience satisfaction that shall last for a lifetime. While in the past, I often believed in the power of materialistic elements for provision of happiness; maturity and experiences with passing time have transformed my incorrect mindset. Though materialistic resources are one of the essential components for our activities, they can only add to the overall experience. Unless we find the secret of extracting happiness from these adventures, we cannot appreciate its real meaning.

         While no two individuals are alike, differences in interests, nature, conduct and behavior point to the diverse routes that can lead to happiness. By paying attention to our likes and dislikes, we must carve a wonderful sculpture along the course of our journey.


     On a parting note, let me chalk out a few pointers that can inspire us with the hunt for happiness.


1. Spend time with yourself and figure out your interests, hobbies, passion and desires.


 2. Plan out activities that give you satisfaction and joy.


  3.  Engage your time well and find perfect balance between your needs and those of your loved ones.


  4.  Finding time for your own happiness does not equate to ‘selfishness’; engaging in few moments of joy can pump energy and enthusiasm.


  5.  Depending on others for provision of happiness is an incorrect attitude, happiness takes birth from our own inner self.


  6.  Happy heart gives way to a contented mind.


  7.  Happiness has the power to pull one towards success.


  8.  Search, nurture, develop and enhance your roots of happiness for the tree of joy.



   While I discover several such aspects about happiness, I hope to follow them in a fruitful manner, after all search for happiness initiates from deep within…

Published by Lavanya