The Maldives a.k.a. The Republic of Maldives, pronounced Mall-Divs, treats travelers to a peaceful, relaxing atmosphere. An array of Islands in the Indian Ocean, The Maldives are located in the Southern-most part of Asia, and just over to the left (i.e. West) of Sri Lanka. Known for its many resorts, with accommodations right on top of the water, it’s a beautiful place to visit.

A closer look at this area displays a series of 26, miniature Islands, grouped together in a single, Island formation, on the map. The geographically correct term used to describe them is atolls – a.k.a. Coral Reefs or smaller islands placed very close in proximity to one another, and situated around a lagoon or shallow body of water. The atolls are even further subdivided into over 1000, micro-mini Islands. It’s astonishing that nature gives us such marvelous places to see, isn’t it?

The Indian Ocean is described as the Coral Reef, or an underwater eco-system, comprised of many interesting aquatic life-forms, such as Coral (obviously) and Sea Anemones (interestingly). The Reef is also referred to as a Sea Rainforest, and we can see why. The visual appeal of this area is awe inspiring.

What are Sea Anemones? Do I need a Geography lesson before visiting?

No - It’s Biology.

But, yes, if you don’t know the answer. Sea Anemones are predators – look out! - Resort visitors are fine, as long as you don’t eat them; They look like flowers, but they are toxic to their predators. They also prey on small fish, acting as Venus Fly Trap-like flowers, ensnaring sea life with their tentacles, and swallowing it whole. A good lesson in life: Don’t be fooled by pretty.

On the contrary, they do have symbiotic relationships with other Sea Life, like Shrimp, for example. Cheers to the Vegetarian visitors who don’t, in turn, eat these Sea Creatures, whilst vacationing here. For pescatarians and carnivores, the restaurants serve plenty of seafood - Food for thought.

Have you ever seen a Monsoon before? - You might here.

These are characterized by strong winds and heavy rainfall - sometimes thunderstorms. Due to the weather conditions, April to October are the months in which you might have to worry about Monsoons; however, the season is much drier form October to March – something to keep in mind when planning. Overall, though, The Maldives have good temperatures year round; it’s just the rain that you might have to worry about. Albeit, it's still a beautiful place to visit, any time of year.

What language do they speak in the Maldives? - Don't cheat; Use your scroll bar.

a) Divehi

b) Dhivehi

c) The Islander’s Language




All of the above. Dhivehi is the official language here, and it can also be spelled, “Divehi.” Literally translated, that means that they speak the “Islanders’ Language.”


Good, now you’re all caught up.




-Season Paradise-

With the beautiful, naturalistic environment, described above, we are sure you can imagine the multitude of leisure activities that are combined with luxury in this beautiful setting. And that’s why we like it so much! Season Paradise Resort treats guests to a wide variety of adventures, including:




-Water Sports


Some of the “Season(ed)” Islanders, are braver.

We recommend selecting activities based on your own skill level.


Season Paradise is a novice (a.k.a. newer) hotel, located just a short, 20 minutes from the Airport (Velana Int’l), and guests arrive, via speed boat - Wee, look at me!

Located in Thulusdhoo, Maldives, this resort is known by the Islanders as the capital of the Kaafu Atoll - It’s also known as an ideal surfing location. The resort is situated upon white, sandy beaches along the shores of the ever-clear, waters of the Indian Ocean.

There is one restaurant, at this resort, which offers a variety of options on its buffet-style and A-La-Carte Menus. The cuisine is mixed, with authentic, Asian options included – We love it when they do this - When in Rome…

Do as the Maldivians do.



The rooms at Season Paradise are simply understated, with the emphasis on the beautiful Ocean and Sea Views. We are also impressed by the hardwood floors, throughout, which is rare for destination resorts. Guest can choose from Standard Suites to more, upscale Sea View Rooms, with the best views, out overlooking the Indian Ocean.


Executive Suites

Executive Suites feature an outdoor balcony, and indoor sitting/coffee area, with a large area for storage (i.e. closet). The room is carefully arranged and spacious, with a petite lounge area off to the side of the room. The suites as this hotel are perfect for those vacationing as newlyweds, and there are four suites on site that offer in-suite Jacuzzis, for added rest and relaxation.


Special Features:

-adjoining rooms (if needed)

-private balcony

-porch swing

-Bottled Water in Room

-Complementary, Beach Towels

-Mini Bar

-In Room Safe

-Built in Big Screen TV


Deluxe Suites

Deluxe Rooms are similarly arranged; however, they feature a larger work space, great for those of you who are working whilst vacationing. There is an office desk, with wider work space so you can get stuff done, like the book work you packed with you, for dull moments, in between all of the leisure activities, sunshine and drinks! - Also good in case of Monsoons. The sleeping area in these suites are more comfortable too (i.e. cozy, roomier bed), for the end of the night, when you’re all tired out from all of the Resortfullness.



Sea View Rooms

We recommend going for the upgrade here because it’s not every day that you will find yourself out on the Indian Ocean, with incredible views of the surrounding area. Why not take it all in? Sea View Rooms feature private balconies and views, spanning the wide-open ocean, so you can have a lookout over all of the beautiful nature and leisure happening outside your room - For the special moments when you decide to take a short break (i.e. at breakfast on the patio, or while sipping on a little something-something after a long day of adventuring).


Here’s something – In the Islamic Religion (Maldives is a 100% Muslim Culture), alcohol is banned from the general population; however, resorts will still offer it to guests.


So what should you drink while vacationing here, then?


You are supposed to drink Tea, so this might be a good place to go for a more relaxing vacation, when you are looking for a slower change of pace.

If you are not observing religion or doing as the locals do though, we recommend Vodka, Brandy, Rum or Wine.  Because there’s no established rules for drinks of choice in the Maldives, and you should have fun however you’re used to having it. Whatever your choice - relax - we support it. 

And during Surf-Season, they have Safari Boats near the Island, that serve alcohol. Season Paradise hosts arrange for guest day-visits to nearby Resorts for lunch and dinner, so you can have your alcohol, and drink it too. 


Season Paradise is located at:

Thulusdhoo, Maldives

We already told you that, but you can visit our website to find out how you can win a free night here!


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