I still remember how it began, you creeping up on me
Like the changing of seasons, I barely noticed the falling leaves.

But I will always swear I saw you coming,
Just  to have something to go back and forth about
Because I like our idle banter, and  the look in your eyes
When you rise up to a challenge.

Like when the  ground was soaked in rain water,
And you led us down that mossy trail in the park .

After two hours I knew we were lost, but I didn't mention it
For you wore determination  like war paint on your face
And when you took my hand just as we found our way back,
I promised myself not to read too much into it.

So when the world was covered in white, and you had to leave,
It took me by surprise how much  I feared saying good-bye.

But you stayed a while longer and helped me make a snowman.
I used smooth stones for his eyes so when he  would finally melt
We'd know the exact spot where I let the words slip out,
Right before you sighed and pulled me in.

It's getting warmer every day, there's something in the air.
It's the changing of the seasons, I know how to look out for it.


This poem was first published on https://stilldaisy.wordpress.com/2015/11/?iframe=true&theme_preview=true

Published by Daisy Awiti