Written on October 6, 2016 (www.beyondchurchwalls.com), and reposted here.

During the past four months, the Holy Spirit has given me several impressions in which I now understand to relate to this coming year 2016/2017.

“There is a time for everything, and a season for every activity under the heavens,” Ecclesiastes 3:1 (NIV)

Rosh Hashanah 2016, the Jewish New Year, began in the evening of Sunday, October 2 and ended in the evening of Tuesday, October 4. Rosh Hashanah literally translates as “head of the year” or “first of the year."

I would like to share some prophetic insights I sensed the Lord revealed to me for this coming year that have been confirmed by others. I believe this will be a season of transition and transformation for the body or Christ. We are in a season of divine breakthrough and acceleration, divine connections, and divine grace for many. I have already began to experience this in my own life.

This morning, I sensed the Lord saying, “Write it down, Make it plain, Run with it.” Then the LORD said to me, "Write my answer plainly on tablets, so that a runner can carry the correct message to others." Habakkuk 2:2

Below are just a few of the prophet insights I received prior to the start of the “new year.” And I believe there is surely more to come.

  • We are in a season of transition and transformation, a season of breakthrough and acceleration. I’ve been hearing the term “transition” for the last few months and just recently during a conversation with my son I made the statement that “things are accelerating.”  We are in a season of transition and transformation, and will experience divine connections and divine set-ups as we allow God to order our steps to meet and connect with the people He wants us to meet. Just recently, I have begun to experience divine connections that I never could imagine. The Bible says,  “The steps of a [good and righteous] man are directed and established by the Lord, And He delights in his way [and blesses his path].”
  • Many of you have been contending for the faith, waiting for a breakthrough. He is the God of the breakthrough!  The time is “NOW.” I encourage you to fight for your faith. Jude 1:1-4
  • A season of divine grace to do the impossible. In 2004, the Lord spoke this to me, “Seed Faith a Covenant of Grace.” On October 1, I read this on Breakthrough Prophetic Word for October 2016:  “This is day that the Covenant of Grace is being enforced in your life.”
  • In September 2016, the Lord began to show me that I needed to step out of my comfort zone. As confirmation, I received these encouraging words via a ministry connection: Dear Francine, “For a while you may have experienced a comfort zone of ministry - but now it is time for more flights. You cannot mature beyond where you are -- or beyond what you know -- especially if you remain unchallenged. It's time to fly! Soooo, the comfort of the past is gone and the wind is blowing. Do you see your unlimited horizons? It's time to soar to new heights! I have continually witnessed acceleration in areas of ministry that blows my mind.”
  • The Lord began to reveal to me the importance of creating a kingdom culture of “honor.” The first key to sustaining the favor of God in your life is the key of honor. How we treat others is a seed to how we will be treated.  The culture we create will open doors to go even further and last even longer.  “Honor sustains everything in your life. Honor is a lifestyle. Without honor the glory of the Lord lifts. Without honoring other individuals in your life you lose influence. Your ability to lead is equal to the amount of honor you are willing to show others. Honor others with your words. Let them know how much they are blessing you.” – Danny Silk
  • The Church (body of Christ) must be the first to breakthrough cultural and racial barriers. With decline in our society's culture,  racial tensions rising, and changing church culture, the church must ... to advance the kingdom of God.  

Over the past few month I have written several articles I believe will encourage you in this season of transition.They are posted on this site. I pray that God will open a door for this message to touch the hearts of His people and those we are called to minister to. “And pray for us, too, that God may open a door for our message, so that we may proclaim the mystery of Christ,” Colossians 4:3

May God bless you immensely in this season!

Published by Dr. A. Francine Green