Today I am going to talk about an exercise that I enjoy greatly and feel as though it has many benefits. It can be done using a medicine ball, dumbbell, weight plate, kettle bell and/or no equipment. This exercise is what I call the Russian Twist. It is an abdominal exercise, both beginners and more advanced athletes/general population can do this exercise with or without modification depending on your conditioning. Yesterday at the gym, I did sets of 30 between my leg workouts, and it worked up a sweat.  For beginners I would highly recommend starting off with no weight and getting the movement down, if lifting your legs and feet off the ground is difficult then keep them planted on the ground during the movement, for those of you who are more advanced athletes, lift your feet and legs off the ground parallel to your abdominal area, adjust as needed. The higher your legs and feet are, the harder it will be.  The Russian Twist can be done in circuits, in place of crunches/and or sit-ups and can be done in various places without much space needed. I highly recommend this exercise if you want to do something different. Please feel free to watch the video up top for a reference in case you have a difficult time with it, I would have posted a video of me working out but haven't yet talked with my gym to see if it is okay, so bare with me on that. 


Step 1

Lie on your back with your knees bent and your feet placed flat on the floor about hip-width apart. You can place weights on your feet to help keep them rooted on the ground. Now sit about halfway up and place your hands di­rectly out in front of you. Your arms are straight with palms together and your chin is up and off your chest. You can hold a dumbbell or a medicine ball to make the exercise even more difficult.


Step 2

Take a deep breath and then exhale while slowly twisting your torso as far to the right as you can manage without chang­ing the angle of your torso from the floor.


Step 3

Now inhale slowly and rotate your torso back to the starting posi­tion. Repeat by rotating torso to the left side.

Thanks for reading, feel free to ask me questions or share your concerns, and if you would like any tips and/or advice on this exercise, I am here to help.

Your fitness blogger, 

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