Do you think a person can change in just a bit of time and deserve a second chance? For me, it depends on how deeply you know that person is. Like in love, are you still going to give him another chance if he already made mistakes repeatedly? Maybe yes, if you got beaten up by that what we call 'TRUE LOVE'. But, do you think you can still bear the pain if he does hurt you again and again and again? My answer is NO.

     I remember, once in my life I'd been such a fool. I became blind because of love. All I ever think of that time was only him; him who fooled me not just once. All those times I knew it was only me he has, but I was wrong. Actually, I just recently found it out; that he has another girl aside from me for about years already. In fact, it shut my heart off. Now, I don't believe that forever is real; that eternal love is real. He was my first love, but never mind. It's been years since then and I had already moved on.

     In my case, that second chance did not work. Because, the scenario was the same. It was just like a cycle. So girls, if I were you, you should make time to think deeply and make time in knowing more of him first before you give that second chance, before you take control. Yes, I do believe that it could possibly work as they say love is sweeter the second time around. But, be like a detective, know more of the keen details- nothing else, nothing more.

     Second chances are critical for we doesn't know if it can still recover a broken relationship or not. It is just my opinion. I know that there are people who made second chances work and I am happy for them. If second chances are to be given to ourselves, then we should really make it work. It could possibly change our mindset and our future perceptions. Giving ourselves a second chance after being troubled is a great way to a new beginning and a better life.

Published by Lira Mae Centus