'This is the second mystery in this series.

The Secret Seven are now having regular weekly meetings. Waiting for an adventure to come their way.

A priceless pearl necklace has been stolen, and the Secret Seven witnessed the thief making his escape. But where has he hidden the necklace?'

I loved this book.

I have recently been re visiting some Enid Blyton classics. This is the second Secret Seven book I have read recently and I absolutely loved it. I can remember loving these books as a kid, but reading them as an adult is a whole new experience.

I found this book much more in-depth then the first one. There were more clues to follow, twists and turns to deal with, and I loved it. I loved getting to catch up with the Seven and Scamper for an exciting new adventure.

I had honestly forgotten how amazing these books are. It didn't take me long to remember. Once I started this book I couldn't put it down. I ended up reading it in one sitting.

Along with an amazing story, this book had fantastic illustrations by Tony Ross. I wasnt expecting the illustrations and they made a great addition to the book, perfectly complimenting the story being told.

Reading this book was like taking a trip down memory lane. Remembering a more simple time, where my only concern was which book I was going to read next. Any book that can take a reader on a journey and leave them full of joy is a winner in my eyes.

There is a reason why Enid Blyton's book are classics. The Secret Seven books, and Enid Blyton books in general are books that can and should be enjoyed at any age.

Secret Seven Adventure by Enid Blyton is a must read for both young and old.

Published by Geramie Kate Barker